Women For Freedom # 13 Anastacia Ntouni

Anastacia Ntouni is a politician who believes in freedom properly balanced with discipline in a strong compassionate social order which respects western heritage.

Civilised democracy is in her Greek DNA.

She is appalled by the way most political parties in Australia have deserted the people’s real needs.

God Bless Ana.

God Bless Freedom.

Geoff Fox, 8th November, 2022, Down Under

Say No To Andrews #5 Natasha Kons

Natasha Kons is a woman of mixed heritage including 50% Greek ancestry.

This means freedom and democracy have been in her DNA and family culture for thousands of years.

She is a Freedom Party candidate in Melbourne’s southern suburbs at this November’s Victorian state election.

Specifically she is very keen to see the spirit of 1940, when the Greek Prime Minister said “No” (“Oxi”) to Mussolini, repeated now with respect to Victorian Premier Daniel Andrews.

Dictator Dan’s days are numbered.

He has no chance of beating confident, honest, young people like Natasha in a fair contest.

She writes:

“We must restore total integrity, transparency and accountability to government. Right now we have the opposite.

Parents demand the restoration of their innate rights as guardians of our families away from the State assuming those rights.

In a world that is changing at an ever-increasing speed, so many people feel overwhelmed and forgotten. School and business and other closures and lockdown isolation have left us vulnerable and confused, with alarming increases in mental health issues and addictions. The system has been failing and continues to fail far too many people people.

I am here to be a strong voice for all individuals who are questioning the Daniel Andrews status quo.

I stand for total accountability and transparency and a return to a loving and caring community spirit. Join with me in returning Victoria to strength.”

Truth and freedom and family life will prevail.

Andrews. Has. No. Chance. Now.

Geoff Fox, 26th October, 2022, Down Under


These two artworks are published under a creative commons licence …… the original photo was taken by Dominic Thiem ……. the words are added independently by Geoff Fox.

Nick Kyrgios is today approaching the highlight of his tennis career so far: a Wimbledon singles final.

He is a volatile creative and brilliantly talented man.

Simultaneously in Australia, the modern feminist police state mentality, which is crippling The West and Western men, has this champion facing jail for the “crime” of grabbing a woman.

As far as we know, she was not injured.

But what will be the effect on Nick?

Geoff Fox, 10th July, 2022, Terra Nullius

The Australian Open Is Closed

Novak Djokovic is the best tennis player in the world and the 2021 Australian Open tennis champion.

He has been excluded from the 2022 tournament because he has tried to exercise his rights to medical privacy and to withhold his consent to being injected with a medication he did not want.

It is a lie to call this year’s tournament “open”. It is closed to its own champion by stupid government tyranny.

This sort of disregard for fundamental human rights is now what characterises Australia.

It is no longer the land of the fair go.

True sporting values are dead.

I hate this tyranny with every ounce of my Australian born being.

Geoff Fox, 14th January, 2022, Terra Nullius

ScoMo – How Many People Do Lockdowns Kill?

Dear Prime Minister Morrison,

I write to you from Melbourne, the most locked down city in the world.

I was a health professional in the State of Victoria from 1982 till 2018.

The current Victorian government is now trashing human rights and freedom in ways that kill people.

As I understand it:

A. The teenage suicide rate has doubled.

B. Deaths from breast cancer have increased.

C. Grief stricken residents in Aged Care are stopping eating when they lose contact with loved ones and are then dying. This would be death by starvation in modern Australia.

I know of numerous doctors who are deeply concerned that many other ways of dying from lockdowns will emerge in the future.

Now is the time to start preventing those deaths instead of ignoring them.

There is one simple question that needs to be addressed.

I call upon you, Mr Morrison, to use all the power and influence of your office to address it:


Geoff Fox, October 6, 2021, Down Under