Police State Crits #12 A Victim Of Police Stands Up Strong

Aussie country singer, Wonni Slim, pictured above, doesn’t just stand up against the Victorian police state with his song “Roll Out The Rubber Bullets”.

He is on the front lines outside Parliament House speaking the truth as often as he can:

The young police officer, whose out of control unaccountability Wonni mentions in the above clip, has already admitted his guilt with his face:

When the bad cops get away with deliberate crimes or inexperienced cops make mistakes and commit crimes against the public, then life is harder for everyone except those who benefit from dangerous government and police overreach.

God Bless Wonni Slim.

God Bless Freedom.

Geoff Fox, 4th December, 2022, Down Under

Aussie Freedom Fighters #10 Wonni Slim – Roll Out The Rubber Bullets

Wonni Slim, a.k.a. Slim W is headed for a Golden Ukelele.

In my dreams.

Country music’s newest star ??????? Roll Out The Rubber Bullets. Slim W has arrived.

Geoff Fox, September 6th, 2022, Terra Australis

Arma Virumque Se Cano #1 A Melted Man

I sing of weapons, and of myself as a man.

Of what I have felt done to me.

In this land where, as Steve of Wonni tells it, ” ……… men have been decommissioned of traditional roles. ……. (Some people) want us to be demonised as non accepting, small minded , woman-bashing shits.”

That isn’t what we are.

It is demonisation.

It is misandry.

And that is not what any human needs.

Geoff Fox, 18th August, 2022, Terra Nullius (the original photos in this post were taken by Simon …. the words are added by me)