Women Against Andrews #4 A Lady Artist

I do not know exactly why there is what to me is very clear evil in government over Australians and so many other western peoples now.

A brilliant anonymous lady artist who marched for freedom in Melbourne last Saturday has shown through her art on a placard that her perceptions have a great deal in common with mine.

She brilliantly condemned what she and I both see as the brainless and morally vacuous sheep who occupy far too many positions of power over people in the judiciary, bureaucracy and police force in Daniel Andrews’ Victoria.

Samuel Johnson, who died this day 238 years ago, described the process of the growth of corruption in ancient Rome like this: “…… the Commonwealth of Rome …… grew great only by the misery of the rest of mankind. The Romans, like others, as soon as they were rich, grew corrupt; and in their corruption sold the lives and freedoms of themselves and of one another.”

Is that the same as us in the rich, modern West?

I do not think that a single individual or group of individuals is a puppeteer behind Daniel Andrews.

The cord in the above photo that runs in a line to the middle of his back is a tramways power line. It carries electrical power.

What is the power that causes Andrews to be what Andrews is? To many of us, but not a majority, in Victoria, he is an unspeakably callous and evil “leader” who is singularly unfit to lead anyone.

To me, the power behind Andrews appears to be a mass psychosis sweeping The West.

An elemental force that is outside rationality.

Can the rational traditions of The West restore us to sanity?

Geoff Fox, 13th December, 2022, Down Under

Women Against Andrews #3 Anastacia and Angelique

On October 28, 1940, the Greek people stood up for freedom through their prime minister’s legendary statement: “Ohi” (“No!”) in response to the demands of Mussolini’s fascist tyranny.

Now in October 2022, proud Greek women Anastacia and Angelique unequivocally reject the increasingly totalitarian Socialist Left leadership of Daniel Michael Andrews.

Anastacia and Angelique say OHI to Andrews.

God bless the spirit of freedom which the cradle of democracy can still bring to our world.

Geoff Fox, October 15, 2022, Melbourne, Australia.

Women Against Andrews #2 Rebekah Spelman

On the 21st anniversary of the horrific terrorist attacks on the World Trade Centre in New York and the Pentagon in Washington DC, I, Geoff Fox, speak up with Rebekah Spelman against the despicable terrorism of Daniel Michael Andrews, the Premier of Victoria.

Becky has currently left Victoria to try to take stock of what has been done by the evil Andrews state government.

Here are this woman’s strong, raw words on the deep wounds to her patriotic soul from that man:

“I am here in London because I can’t stand the tyranny and the way our lives are being decided for us by a bunch of self-declared rulers ……. Andrews is a power hungry despot and his history of corruption, lies and blatant disregard for the law or the social, moral, legal and economic bounds on him are infuriating. He runs our state into the ground financially by blowing up the state budget to the point where our debt is greater than New South Wales and Queensland combined. There’s no limit to his spending; that’s not good governance. It’s ignorance.

He has broken the law and abused our human rights and these breaches have been found and declared by official inquiries, but there are no consequences and he just carries on.”

Daniel Andrews made shameless use of fear politics in daily press conferences about the Coronavirus to justify lockdowns which trashed educational outcomes, trashed the economy, did enormous damage to just about every aspect of social living and falsely imprisoned millions of Melbourne people in their own homes longer than in any other place in the world.

Andrews is a terrorist.

I am confident that, when Becky Spelman returns to Melbourne, she will keep calling him out.

Her real strength and the greater freedom movement are bound to win.

Freedom always wins because freedom works.

Geoff Fox 9/11, 2022, Down Under