Kebersamaan Kartini: We Want To Stay.


On the 25th of April 1903, Javanese princess Raden Ajeng Kartini wrote about her dream (shared with her sisters) of studying in Europe:

“We want to stay (in Indonesia) ……. We saw this as soon as we ceased to think of ourselves, but only of our cause ……. Our aim is our people …… The people for whom we wish to work, must learn to know us. If we went away, we should become as strangers to them ……. Always we wish to work for the good of our people, and we must not set them against us by crushing with relentless hands the ideas upon which they have thriven and grown old through the centuries.”

Kartini’s greatness is born from her choice of her own country and her own people ahead of foreign education. By choosing “Indonesia First” she became an education pioneer and a national hero.

The search for truth is dead in Western Universities. Seeking wisdom has been replaced by left wing political correctness and radical man-hating feminism.

I hope more modern Indonesians can do what Kartini did. Learn in Indonesia from Indonesians and from those foreigners here who love Indonesia and the glories of Indonesian culture. Kebersamaan. Panca Sila. Gotong Royong. Kekeluargaan.

Send fewer young people to unhealthy foreign cultures but bring more foreign teachers and intellectuals to Indonesia instead.

Be like Kartini and say,”We want to stay.”

Geoff Fox, Jakarta Pusat, 19/04/19