The Right To Scream # 1 Fay Wray

The movie King Kong, which was released in New York on the 2nd of March, 1933, made Fay Wray famous as a Scream Queen.

The movie was a fantasy.

But the impact of her screaming was real.

It extended the boundaries of onscreen freedom of speech to freedom to scream.

Her character, actress Ann Darrow, had been promised a tall, dark and handsome leading man.

This could have created various expectations in the heart, mind and body of the young woman picked out from the streets of New York to star in a mysterious adventure movie.

When the leading man she hoped for turned out be a gigantic, hairy, ferocious ape, the build up of emotions lead to the unleashing of screams unlike anything Hollywood had heard before.

Wray later said, “When I’m in New York I look at the Empire State Building and feel as though it belongs to me … or is it vice versa? … “

How does this relate to modern, victimhood feminism?

In King Kong, Fay Wray As The Beauty Killed The Beast.

In my eyes, The Beast of Third Wave Feminism kills the beauty of women in the modern world.

Its not supposed to be that way, to quote a country song.

But it is.

Will we get over it and calm down?

Or will we tear ourselves apart?

Fay Wray in October 1933.

Self Expression Heals.

Geoff Fox, 2nd March, 2023, Down Under