The Open With An Asterisk

Geoff Fox independently added words
to the above photo by Rob Keating
under a creative commons licence.

Rafael Nadal (Rafa) is the 5th best tennis player in the world in current standings.

He has qualified for the Australian Open (AO) men’s singles final to be played tomorrow. If he wins, then he will have more grand slam tournament victories than any player in history. But that will not give him the right to be called the Greatest Of All Time (GOAT)

A Nadal victory tomorrow will always be tainted by the fact that the reigning AO champion, the best player in the world rankings and the most successful.player ever in the AO, Novak Djokovic (Nole), has had his human rights trashed and been falsely imprisoned as part of a campaign of fear being waged against people by governments and other authorities around the world.

Sorry, Rafa.

Nole is the best.

Geoff Fox, 29th January, 2022, Down Under

PS I have publicly demanded an investigation by Victoria Police into the crime of false imprisonment committed against Novak. Nothing has been done to respond to my demand. I urge concerned readers of this blog to write to or call the Cheif Commissioner Shane Patton demanding an explanation for this failure to uphold the law.

Sloboda Is Freedom

Monica is an Australian Christian of Greek Italian heritage, who cares deeply and thoughtfully about freedom.

Yesterday in Melbourne outside the Federal Court of Australia, among clean-living God-fearing Serbian people seeking justice for their mistreated national hero Novak Djokovic, I saw Monica’s confidence in her ability to stand up for freedom blossom. It was a wonderful sight.

She and I both learnt that Sloboda is the Serbian word for freedom.

Under the beloved colours of the Greek flag and holding a Serbian flag in front of her, Monica chanted the Serbian nickname of the best tennis player in the world “Nole. Nole. Nole.”

Djokovic himself is embarassed by the attention that has been focussed on him.

After suffering from the trauma of false imprisonment in a cheap hotel, he has the right to step back from the limelight to recover.

But those of us, like Monica, who care about freedom and who crave its restoration, have the right and responsibility to speak out against injustice.

Human rights matter.

Freedom matters.

Australia has to stop degrading itself with irrational acts of tyranny.

Fairness is a fair dinkum Aussie value which Australia needs to reclaim.

The world is watching.

Geoff Fox, 18th December, 2022, Down Under.

Australia’s Sporting Capital Pronounced Dead

Dr Aloysius Medusus Lord, POB, a world leading Physician of the Brain and a supporter of Melbourne Football Club today, has pronounced Australia’s former Sporting Capital, Melbourne, dead of unnatural causes.

Melbourne hosted the legendary 1956 Olympics. Melbourne hosts the Australian Open tennis tournament. Every year Melbourne also hosted the Australian Grand Prix which was one of the most courageous death defying sporting events of all time until everyone got too scared of catching cold to hold it anymore.

In a world first on death certificates, Dr Lord (a passionate Melbourne Football Club supporter in all situations after God’s own team has been eliminated from the competition) asserts that Coronavirus was not involved but lockdowns were the cause of death.

Dr Lord is sending this certificate to Australian Federal Police because he says they are the best placed policing body to bring those responsible for this unnecessary death to justice.

Dr Lord says that if the Western Bulldogs had won the 2021 grand final his diagnosis would have been the same. “As in most things in Australian life” writes Dr Lord, “it’s not what actually happened that matters. What really counts is our sacred right to get drunk and have fun together afterwards. Lockdowns clearly destroy that most fundamental of human rights.”

Jim Cousens (Dockamentry Film Maker) reporting, Footscray, 2 p.m. Grand Final Day, 2021 (revised at 11 p.m.)