Attention King Charles #2 What Do You Stand For Now?

King Charles,

My current problems in the police state of Victoria began when I was dragged through psychological hell by the police here in 2016 to protect an ALP politician in government from doing the job of being a people’s representative.

On 9/11 this year, during the memorial service for your mother at your church, St Paul’s Cathedral in Melbourne, things got worse. Click here for a detailed account. In a nutshell, when I tried to tell police that they had human rights responsibilities, (here I use the words of the Dean of the Cathedral written to me at 3.02 p.m. today AEST to describe what happened): “Victoria Police arrested you on the forecourt of the Cathedral. I believe that you have no reason to lie to me when you tell me that you were manhandled by the police in a way that you describe to be a low-grade sexual assault.”

Today I reluctantly agreed to meet the Dean at a building behind the cathedral to try to find a solution. He just wouldn’t even walk outside the building to a place one minutes walk away where discussion of human rights issues would have felt right to me.

A bit after 2.15 p.m. the Dean spoke to me about what happened to me at his church on 9/11 as if he didnt know what happened. 15 days after the event. It took 15 days for him to talk to a victim of sexual assault by police at the entrance to his cathedral. Anglican authorities who work closely with him were informed of the incident by me the following day (9/12), as I recall.

I exploded with anger at this point, about 2.20 p.m. today, at the Dean, and, shortly afterwards at the man who accompanied him. I wish I hadn’t, but I did. I had tried very hard to get the Dean to agree to meet at a more appropriate location for human rights issues, but the Dean just didn’t see how asking a man traumatised by sexual assualt to meet him at the complex of buildings where the assualt happened was gob smackingly insensitive.

And to day the Dean has written to me (3.02 p.m.) that the answer to this situation is to get the assault dealt with by complaining to the organisation whose personnel committed the crime.

Again, gob smackingly insensitive to me.

FYI, King Charles, I have begun formal complaints on human rights grounds to the Victorian Equal Opportunity and Human Rights Commission about both The Dean of St Paul’s conduct in response to police attacks on me at the entrance to the Cathedral and Archbishop Philip Freier’s conduct in response to the same police attacks on me at the entrance to the Cathedral.

Victoria Police might be treating Victorians worse now that they did when their predecessors persecuted Irishman Ned Kelly in the late 1800’s and turned him into a national hero.

It is very every healing for me in this time of a profound emotional trauma to commune with Ned:

Communing with the amour of Ned Kelly in a sanctum of refuge for me in the police state of Victoria.

It seems to me that two of your subordinates, the Dean and the Archbishop are in this matter not up to the job of treating a male victim of sexual assault with sensitivity and respect. I believe the story of their best and their worst makes compelling reading.

Will you tolerate the trashing of human rights at your mother’s memorial service without making any comment, King Charles?

What sort of king are you going to be ?

I’d rather plant environmentalist WW2 memorial trees with you than send an open letter like this.

But such is life.

Geoff Fox, 26th September, 2022, Down Under

Charles III in 2021, while still a prince, with Jo Biden at a climate change conference.


Your Grace, Archbishop Philip Freier,

I call on you as a man to use the weapons of your voice, your standing and your integrity to reject both:

A. the demonisation of men in Victoria.


B. the modern persecution and ridiculing of your own profession so that your profession can survive and flourish again.

I also call on you to follow the lead of one of your very best priests and, in conjunction with The Dean, ring the bells of your cathedral nine times every day, for however many days you and The Dean want, for the nine people in Australia a day who take their own lives, 75% of whom are men. Please involve me. As a witness? As voice? As a photographer?

I offer you these four both modern and ancient Latin words, adapted from Vergil and inspired by a recent homily of yours, under a creative commons licence in an attempt at reciprocation for you own generosity in putting your own image out under a creative commons licence.

“Arma virumque se cano.” (I sing of weapons and myself as a man.)

I dont urge you “to take arms against a sea of troubles and by opposing end them” because ending these oceans of troubles for priests and men would almost certainly be beyond your capacities as an individual human being.

But it is not beyond your reach and, IMHO, certainly within your responsibilities, for you to denounce modern evils which monstrously hurt men, including me, and your own male priests in particular.

In closely observing the recent, consistently brilliant priestly work of Hugh Kempster and David Farrer, I have seen how both very different men put themselves, indeed put just about the whole of their being, right into the centre of many other people’s lives including mine, to truly live well themselves by living in The Word far more fully than most people can.

The huge challenge for you as an Archbishop is to be even better at your job than those men have been at theirs.

Your job is much bigger and therefore IMHO harder to do really well than theirs.

I am calling on you to show considerable courage.

If you do, I will support and acknowledge that courage as best I can.

If you cant even try, then the wise individual who I am lead to understand told you that you are only doing 50% of your job, might have been right. Or even a little generous.

Archbishop, can you take any of what I have raised here with you for discussion at Lambeth later this month and elsewhere into the future?

This artwork with words added by me is published under creative commons licence.

Geoff Fox, surviving but suffering from your silence and the silence of too many other men and women, 6th July, 2022, Terra Nullius

Lies In Australia Rollcall #1 Fully Welcoming Refugees At A Cathedral

Dear Archbishop Freier,

St Paul’s Cathedral is one of my favourite sacred places in Melbourne.

But there is a partisan political statement on the front of the cathedral which isn’t a fully lived truth. It offends and hurts me.

This massive poster advocates fully welcoming refugees.

Only God can fully welcome anyone anywhere.

You yourself have acknowledged to me personally that I am a refugee from Australia in Australia.

That means a lot to me.

Yesterday, a wonderful young priest, who is currently regenerating what an Anglican service can be in the cathedral, did fully welcome me at the cathedral, but the number one guy in her mostly male hierarchy advised her to stop fully welcoming a member of the public like me. And she decided to follow his advice. I was personally hurt and to deal with that I am writing this letter.

She was living and breathing what I consider the glorious metaphor of the story of Jesus. This story taught and teaches humanity that God is family and we must follow family. That is very impressive Christian discipleship.

Archbishop, perhaps it’s time for the Dean to take down the banner at the cathedral which seems to me to make a promise that you and your people cannot keep.

If that can’t be done in a hurry, can you give me half an hour of your time to look more fully at my ideas?

I’d call that living in The Word.

Do have 30 minutes to spare to live like that with me?

Geoff Fox, Mens Rights Dissident, Australia

June 29, 2022