Independence and Modern Relationships – Annie Oakley Style

When America’s great hero Annie Oakley said, “Families are nothing other than the idolatry of duty.” and “Housework is work directly opposed to the possibility of human self-actualization.” she could have been reading from the modern feminist playbook.

I think she was way ahead of her time.

But Annie Oakley was no man-hater. She worked well with men all her life.

My friend Shelly of Houston seems to me to echo Annie’s spirit when she writes about getting free of a marriage destroyed by her ex-husband’s infidelity:

The American capacity for self correction constantly amazes me.

Robust freedom of speech is at the core of this strength.

I believe that, on many fronts, conservatism in America needs to reinvent itself to fulfull its essential role of preserving the best of America.

Geoff Fox, November 4, 2020, Down Under

Building Gender Peace

Shelly of Houston has left the fantasies of The West Coast to seek truth in Houston. The heartland not the hinterland of The American Soul.

Men and women are not the same but most of their rights are the same.

The differences in rights relate mainly to pregnancy, breast feeding and giving birth where women’s capacities are so very different.

The only way to stop the minorities of misandrists and misogynists from causing misery is to build gender peace.

Geoff Fox, 24th October 2020


I love America.
From Australia.

She is the light of freedom to me.

The country I was born in is still a penal colony by comparison.

It breaks ny heart to see what is happening now in the land of the brave and the home of the free.
What is happening just does not make sense.
When rationality disappears, good government and freedom are bound to die.

My friend, social commentator “Shelly” of San Diego, is a voice of reason.
Here is what she says about some recent insanity:

“I think black people have every right to be angry over George Floyd’s murder.
From what I could see in the video he was already handcuffed when the cop put his knee on his neck.
I’m not sure how a handcuffed man on the ground was a threat to a trained police officer accompanied by other police officers.

at said, the timing of these protests is just awful, with around 20,000 new C-19 cases being reported every day and no social distancing rules being observed at the protests.
Many protesters do not even wear masks.
This is not even going into the riots and looting.

Whether the rioters and looters give a fig about George Floyd or whether they are just
opportunistic young thugs of all races using the crowds as cover to commit the crimes they were going to commit anyway remains to be seen.
I did not know George Floyd personally but I doubt that is how he would wish to be remembered.

Did President Trump overreact when he locked himself in a bunker?

Doubtless the left-wing media will try to portray this as evidence of Trump’s “cowardice” but my guess is the Secret Service had reason to believe there was a credible threat to Trump’s life in that crowd.
In those circumstances keeping the President in a secure location is not cowardice but prudence.

Regardless if you love, hate, or are completely indifferent to Trump, the last thing America needs right now is an assassination attempt on top of all the chaos she is already experiencing.

President Trump and the Secret Service made the right call.”

Thank you, Shelly.

God Bless Rationality.
God Bless America.
God Save Us All.

Geoff Fox, Down Under, June 6, 2020


davy brown
John Wayne and Hank Williams, Jr. share their birthday, 28th April, with “Shelly‘s” grandfather, an old style American who hunted his own meat when JFK and Lyndon Johnson were changing his world.

In contemplating who her grandpa was, Shelly, of modern San Diego, finds hope now.

That’s true conservatism – seeing what is and what has been to find what works and hold on to what is good.

“My grandfather was born in 1899. That means he was my age when the Great Depression hit. He became a Hollywood extra because it paid better than a lot of jobs in those days. He also hunted his own meat, a hobby he kept up well into his 70’s. What would he have thought of the shutdown? Given that he was a small business owner himself he probably wouldn’t have liked it. Unions were a lot stronger in his day and he had few enough employees that a strike would completely break him so he made his employees a deal. He would pay them higher wages than what the union was negotiating for on the condition that they sign a contract promising not to unionize. He didn’t like unions but he was smart enough to see that low wages just fed the communists’ propaganda about the working man being exploited.

My grandfather loved Archie Bunker. My mom could remember him yelling at the TV “You tell ’em Archie! Show those commie pinkos what’s what!”. I have no doubt that if my grandfather were alive today he would be labelled a racist, a sexist, a homophobe, a transphobe, a Marxophobe, and God knows what else. Like Archie Bunker my grandpa was painfully politically incorrect by today’s standards. Unlike Archie Bunker he wasn’t trying to be funny. For instance, he went to his grave believing Liberace to be straight. His “logic” was that he liked Liberace’s music and he could never like music written by a “degenerate homosexual” therefore Liberace must be straight, all evidence to the contrary, and the sequins were just one big publicity stunt. He thought the episode where Archie thinks his dance moves will improve after getting a blood transfusion from a black man made perfect sense. He was trolling people before the term “trolling” was invented. He would say stuff like “I remember what this country was like before women got the vote and it was all downhill from there.” But I don’t think he actually supported repealing the 19th Amendment because after my grandma started yelling at him he would just shrug and say, “Throw out the bait and the fish rise every time”. On the occasions when he didn’t want to listen to my grandma he would just switch off his hearing aid, without which he was as deaf as a post. I can’t say theirs was a marriage made in Heaven but divorce was unthinkable back then and my grandma was far from the meek and downtrodden “little woman”, having served as a Women’s Air Service Pilot in WWII. If he were alive today I’m pretty sure my grandpa would have voted for Trump although he would probably have disapproved of Trump’s womanizing.

In fact the only Republican politician my grandfather would NOT have liked would have been former VP Dick Cheney not because of his policies but because of the incident where he shot his friend in the face while quail hunting. There were rumors that he’d been drinking and my grandpa couldn’t stand hunters who drank while carrying a loaded weapon. He felt they gave the rest of the hunting community a bad name. He himself was a heavy drinker yet always abstained during the hunt. My grandpa also bred hunting dogs for a living. He had no college degree yet he knew his pedigrees. Back then dog breeders took pride in producing a healthy animal. My grandpa fed his dogs before he fed himself because a good hunting dog was very valuable. He would have been appalled to see the “puppy mills” of today churn out inbred dogs with hip dysplasia and other deformities. And if 2 polar opposites like my grandpa and modern progressives could find common ground maybe we need to start looking beyond our differences and finding what we do agree on. Maybe there is hope for America after all. ”

27th May, 2020


“Shelly” of San Diego writes:

“The virus and the shutdowns have hurt the American economy but the weaknesses were already there:


A. high national debt
B. over-reliance on imported goods,
C. bipartisan cronyism and corruption,

D. an overpriced medical system, etc.


If the virus hadn’t come along, some other external shock would have.


America, like ancient Rome, will be destroyed from within long before the actual enemy invasions begin.


I believe the dissolution of America is inevitable.


Pax Americana will end soon, if it hasn’t already.


The coronavirus reaching U.S. shores was like striking a match in a room packed with gunpowder.


Under most circumstances the amount of damage one spark could do would be limited but these are not normal circumstances.


“How can we turn back time and not strike that match?” is not the right question.


What we need to ask is:


“How did all this gunpowder get to be in the smoking room?”


– Shelly”


From Australia, I pray America can save herself.

Her freedom of speech gives her a chance.

Australia is not so lucky.

Down here  people just cannot identify problems clearly.

Geoff Fox, 20th May, 2020, Terra Nullius

What Mothers Need

I told my online friend “Shelly” in San Diego about the unimplemented policy of former conservative and Catholic Austalian Prime Minister Tony Abbott to fund much better paid parental leave for new mothers by a levy on the biggest companies in Australia.

Shelly commented:

” Mothers and their needs are often ignored by society. 

Most conservatives would agree that the family is the building block of a free society. Anything that strengthens family, such as allowing new parents more time to bond with their children, strengthens the civil society which acts as a bulwark against tyranny. But good luck getting Americans to see that.

in America it’s the Republicans who would be most opposed to reforms like Abbott’s proposal because any suggestion of new taxes, corporate or individual, is DOA with GOP voters and any mention of increased paid leave of any kind is (wrongly) labeled “socialism”.

America has become very confused about what socialism is.

The right throws the term “socialism” around like the left throws “racism” around. Both now apparently mean anything the speaker doesn’t like, which just trivializes both terms. If everything is racist/socialist then nothing is. Ideologies which have killed millions should not be trivialized.

American hospitals used to allow new mothers to stay overnight or longer to make sure both mother and baby were fit to return home. By the time my mother had me (30 years ago) it was a few hours. By the time my mom had my brother (24 years ago) they pretty much rushed her out of the hospital as soon as my brother was born.

Very dehumanizing.

I don’t know how it is in Australia, but the American health care system treats each patient as a number, rather than as an individual. Like restaurants they want you out as soon as possible to make room for the next “customers”.

That kind of attitude, coupled with relatively high maternal mortality rates in the US, is one of many reasons why Millennial women are turning away from motherhood.”

As a man who was a midwife in Australia for 32 years, I say,

“God Bless You, Shelly,  for your very modern honesty.

I hope your future holds as much or as little motherhood as you need.”

Geoff Fox, Mothers’ Day, 2020, Down Under


A Discursive Mother’s Day Discussion On Gender Politics

I was a midwife for over thirty years.

I believe much feminism holds mothers in contempt. It ignores mothers’ concerns and needs.

In a wide ranging discussion of this with “Shelly” of San Diego, one of the things she wrote to me was:

“As an American woman I have been on double secret probation since I was born, having to jump through hoop after hoop to prove to men that I am not one of the misandric feminists ……..”

I responded:

“As I see it, a lesbian dominated movement (third wave feminism) has made gender relations much harder for the other 90% of people. Lesbians are rarely busy looking after babies and kids so they can get disproportionate political influence because politics is where their time and energy can go. Mothers are too busy caring to get the same political clout.

If mothers had the time for politics, feminist misandry would be much less powerful.”

Shelly replied:

“Lesbians are less likely to have the kind of negative experiences with men that can turn a woman against men. I have met a fair number of gay, lesbian, and bisexual people. Most really just want to be left alone to live their lives.

They do not sit around plotting how to “turn” straight people. The extremists pushing Drag Queen Story Hour and men in women’s restrooms are ruining it for the moderates. 

I don’t think lesbians are more likely than the general female population to push feminism or misandrism.”

I live in the Socialist Left heart of the “Deep South” of Australia.

Here, third wave feminism changed everything for me.

I am glad to hear that Shelly has experienced modern gender issues differently in California.

In a much simpler era, Mike Love could write: “I  wish they all could be California Girls.” and Brian Wilson channeled hs childhood memories of western movies to write the music.

God Bless creative freedom and fairness.

God Bless America.

Geoff Fox, Mother’s Day, 2020, Down Under

Joan of Arc in the Name of God

On the 8th of May, 1429, 17 year old military commander Joan of Arc, the visionary daughter of a peasant, lifted the siege of Orleans. This was the turning point in a war waged by men which lasted 100 years.

It is said that on that day she had the opportunity to mop up some remaining English forces by slaughtering them, but refused to do so, because it was a Sunday.

Two days earlier she had single handedly repelled an English advance by yelling “Au nom de Dieu!” (In the name of God.)

It took nearly half a millenium before she was made a Saint, in 1920. (On average the canonisation process takes 181 years.)

Joan of Arc lived in a different age when lies and disrespect for God did not dominate the Western World.

“Shelly” of San Diego wrtes: “Some say she suffered from schizophrenia but I have never heard of a schizophrenic being allowed to do something as epic as kick an invading army out. I believe she was divinely inspired to do what she did and is a strong female role model. The fact that she was executed for wearing men’s clothes, a right we 21st century women take for granted, just makes her martyrdom more tragic.”

It wouldnt be the first time in the history of the world that a creative genius or leader was labelled mad or bad and persecuted.

Geoff Fox, 8th May, 2020, Down Under





Today is Karl Marx’s birthday.

He was a guy who was supposed to be pro-worker but whose thinking has constantly lead to totalitarian tyranny.

Including for me.

I was a midwife in Australia for 30 years.

It was a wonderful way to earn a living. Working with couples (and single mums) as they built families.

But it didn’t survive this modern age of Phlegminism.

The destruction of this part of my life happened in the state of Victoria under the government of Socialist Left leader Daniel Andrews. A man who supports feminism but has shown me that he doesn’t care about mothers at all.

The foundations of the modern Third Wave of Feminism are like Marxism.

Both depend on victimhood. According to Marxism, as I understand it, workers are inevitably the victims of rich people and in feminism women are the victims of men. This has nothing to do with healthy social reality.

In the real world, in free civilised societies, people benefit by being decent to each other because they need each other.

They can build good lives together based on love and understanding if they are free.

This is becoming harder and harder in The West for both genders.

I think most men and women are good people, but in the modern world they are so often lost and confused; family life suffers badly as a result.

“Shelly” of San Diego writes:

“Millennial women are turning away from motherhood.

Mothers and their needs are often ignored by society.

For me, being married to a Taiwanese man is different than being with an American man in many different ways. 

Nowadays many American men expect sex by the third date and refuse to commit.

I understand that sex is important to men but putting an arbitrary number on it just kills it for me. I’m a human being, not a trained seal who performs on command. My husband was content to let things unfold at a pace that was comfortable for me. At the same time many American men refuse to commit and call a woman who wants marriage rather than a hookup “pushy”.

Whereas my husband proposed to me after 10 months of dating.”

Isn’t that beautiful?

Geoff Fox, 5th May, (a.k.a. International Midwives’ Day), 2020, Down Under