Say No To Andrews #6 Dani and Greg

100 years ago today, Benito Mussolini’s fascist followers marched on Rome on their way to totalitarian power.

Exactly 18 years later, at 3 a.m. on October 28, in 1940, Mussolini demanded that his axis forces be allowed to enter Greek territory. When the Greek Prime Minister Metaxas courageously stood up to the dictator, the Greek people took to the streets shouting “OXI” ….. meaning “NO”.

Likewise, in modern Australia a corrupt government which trashed human rights is being rejected by a freedom movement with the moral strength and determination to win.

For human rights.

For democracy.

For Freedom, because ………

Geoff Fox, 28th October, 2022, Down Under

Say No To Andrews #5 Natasha Kons

Natasha Kons is a woman of mixed heritage including 50% Greek ancestry.

This means freedom and democracy have been in her DNA and family culture for thousands of years.

She is a Freedom Party candidate in Melbourne’s southern suburbs at this November’s Victorian state election.

Specifically she is very keen to see the spirit of 1940, when the Greek Prime Minister said “No” (“Oxi”) to Mussolini, repeated now with respect to Victorian Premier Daniel Andrews.

Dictator Dan’s days are numbered.

He has no chance of beating confident, honest, young people like Natasha in a fair contest.

She writes:

“We must restore total integrity, transparency and accountability to government. Right now we have the opposite.

Parents demand the restoration of their innate rights as guardians of our families away from the State assuming those rights.

In a world that is changing at an ever-increasing speed, so many people feel overwhelmed and forgotten. School and business and other closures and lockdown isolation have left us vulnerable and confused, with alarming increases in mental health issues and addictions. The system has been failing and continues to fail far too many people people.

I am here to be a strong voice for all individuals who are questioning the Daniel Andrews status quo.

I stand for total accountability and transparency and a return to a loving and caring community spirit. Join with me in returning Victoria to strength.”

Truth and freedom and family life will prevail.

Andrews. Has. No. Chance. Now.

Geoff Fox, 26th October, 2022, Down Under

We Must Say No To Daniel Michael Andrews #3 Kelly Moran (and shades of Shakespeare’s Brutus)

Marcus Junius Brutus took his own life on this date 2064 years ago.

Paraphrasing (in part) Shakespeare’s tragic and at times tortured freedom fighter Brutus, I say to criminal-at-large, Daniel Michael Andrews:

“You are a block, a stone, a worse than senseless thing.

You contaminate our future with mass debt

And sell the vison splendid of our southern land

For all the trash of Spring St cowards’ tyranny.

I would rather be a dog who bays the moon

than deny the simple agonising fact

that your wide deep crimes against democracy

are utterly destroying the Australia I loved

the Australia I believed in as a kindly motherland.”

Geoff Fox, 23 October, 2022, Down Under

We Must Say No To Daniel Michael Andrews #2 Geoff Shaw

Geoff Shaw, the state leader of the United Australia Party in Victoria is a dinki-di Aussie equally at home in the bush or the city.

He he has unmasked the disastrous, dictatorial government of Daniel Michael Andrews.

Geoff Shaw, in Aussie urban bush, speaks up against a modern Socialist Left tyrant.

Geoff Fox, 22nd October, 2022, Melbourne, Australia

We Must Say NO to Daniel Michael Andrews #1 OXI

Out of the glorious democratic culture of Greece, courageous people in Victoria are rising up against the Socialist Left tyranny of Premier Daniel Michael Andrews.

In 1940, the Greek Prime Minister created the national legend of saying “Oxi” or “No” to tyrants like Mussolini. This story is now now celebrated in Greece with a holiday on October 28th every year.

Now in Melbourne, proud freedom fighting Greek democrats and many other people are standing up to say, “No” to Premier Daniel Michael Andrews.

These are not fake, synthetic career politicians telling lies to get votes.

These are people standing up for parental, human and democratic rights against a government which uses bullets, jail and police (even including one physical and sexual assault at the entrance to a cathedral) against those of us who stand up for our rights.

Who will stay the course and who will join us?

Geoff Fox, October 17, 2022, Melbourne, Down Under

Women Against Andrews #3 Anastacia and Angelique

On October 28, 1940, the Greek people stood up for freedom through their prime minister’s legendary statement: “Ohi” (“No!”) in response to the demands of Mussolini’s fascist tyranny.

Now in October 2022, proud Greek women Anastacia and Angelique unequivocally reject the increasingly totalitarian Socialist Left leadership of Daniel Michael Andrews.

Anastacia and Angelique say OHI to Andrews.

God bless the spirit of freedom which the cradle of democracy can still bring to our world.

Geoff Fox, October 15, 2022, Melbourne, Australia.