ScoMo’s No-Show

In February this year, 2022, my friend , New York born artist Roza Ganser, wrote a confidential letter to Australian Prime Minister, Scott Morrison, asking him to answer a letter which I wrote to him on the 19/06/2019.

She appealed to him to be compassionate.

He still hasn’t answered either of us.

Roza’s public message to the probably outgoing Prime Minister Morrison now is this: “Scott Morrison, why haven’t you answered my letter? People get damaged when people like you don’t do their jobs.”

Thank you, Roza.

You are a true friend.

Geoff Fox, 20th May,2022, Terra Nullius

Police State Crits #3 Terra Tacitae

(Shine Of The Moon communicates in a fantasy world.)

Meanwhile in Terra Nullius, the Goddess of Silence reigns.

Modern Australia is her home.

Mars is her mate.

Geoff Fox, 20-02-2022, the twentieth anniversary of the day my father died.

(The Hosier Lane Street Art is by John Lawrie.)