An Open Letter to All Christian Leaders

Fellow human beings,

Christianity was once the foundation of Western life.

In the West now, Christians are under merciless, almost constant, secular attack.

The challenge I see now for Christian leaders is to regain trust from the people on whom the living future of churches depends.

I recommend two strategies for achieving this goal:

A. Stop voting for Barabbas. (i.e. Do not support those who attack you. Call them out.)

B. Get better at living in The Word. (i.e. Do better at communicating.)

I hope this helps.

So many of us need you back at your best,


Geoff Fox, a non Christian grandson of a Presbyterian (Uniting Church) and an academic theologian, December 12, 2021, Terra Nullius

Postscript 30 March, 2023. My faith is living. I am constantly thinking about it and praying and revising how I see and explain my frail human self with respect to God. I now reject a black and white binary view of faith where I have to be Christian or non-Christian. I am partially Christian.

My grandfathers were distinguished Christian theologians. My parents were mild mannered agnostics. I am entranced and empowered by John 1-1 and the idea that truth will set us free. And by Bunjil, the Eagle above. And by my own inner certainty that there is no god but God and that faith cannot be forced from without but arises from within. Geoff Fox 30/03/2023 Terra Nullius