Women For Freedom #15 Marylin and Becky and Ana and Dani

Today is the birthday of one of baseball’s greatest ever players, Joe DiMaggio.

Joe is also famous as the husband for nine months of Marylin Monroe. He couldn’t handle being the husband of a sex symbol; she divorced him, but, at the end of her life, he was one of her closest and truest friends. DiMaggio had half a dozen red roses delivered to Marilyn’s crypt three times a week for twenty years after her death. It is said that DiMaggio’s last words, when he died in 1999, were “I’ll finally get to see Marylin.”

Joe’s devotion to Marylin was beautiful. He loved her to the end. Its harder to know what to say about the Kennedy relationship with Marylin.

She was a stunning sex symbol. Jack was a virile married man.

In broader terms, what counts for essential sexual liberation for some is trashing of family life for others. If the fifties were too repressive and if Marylin was a part of the liberation from that repression, she was also very much a victim of the excesses of that social liberation.

Treating women as nothing more than sex objects is to completely devalue the whole of what women can be. Here is a poetic approach from me to understanding that devaluation in this context:

My poetic thoughts on Joe, Jack and Marylin.

In the 50’s and 60’s that sort of objectification mistreatment of women was perhaps less well understood than it is now. Or was perceived and understood differently. The second and third waves of feminism have changed the way these things are seen a heck of lot since Marylin died.

So today I will attempt to channel the spirit of Joe DiMaggio, who wanted to build a family with Marylin, by paying tribute to the varied talents of three wonderful, unselfish freedom fighting women I’ve met this year, two of whom are fantastic mums and all of whom have in them what it takes to be a great mother. Another thing they have in common is that they have all been very good candidates in the current Victorian state election for Australia’s Freedom Party.

First of all is Rebekah Spelman. In helping Becky to write political speeches earlier this year, I engaged with one of the most astute and moral political minds of anybody I have ever met. No one this year that I know of has done more to work for unity in the freedom movement and to actually bring diverse people together than Becky Spelman.

Another beautiful Freedom Party candidate who has won my respect this year is Anastacia Ntouni. Ana is also astonishingly good at bringing people together for freedom. Her Greek DNA makes her a wonderful asset to the preservation of whats left of democracy in Victoria and to the cause of rebuilding it.

Thirdly is a freedom fighting woman with whom I have only had brief interactions, which have shown me that she is a wonderful wife and mother.

I have never seen a more physically beautiful woman in politics that Daniella Heatherich. What is wrong with celebrating that?

Geoff Fox, 25th November, 2022, Down Under

Aussie Freedom Fighters #13 A Fractured Freedom Movement

This is a pre-election post mortem.

This shows Word Art images of good freedom fighters in Melbourne, Victoria, with whom I have been able to do small good things here this year. 2022, against a Socialist Left tyrant, but who were not able to stay united against a common enemy of freedom.

These are good people who have divided against each other in too many ways too often to unite and win.

I hope they can use all their talent and courage to form a team after this November 26 election which can work with me and many other disillusioned loners who are victims of tyranny but far too easily swept aside when our voices ARE IGNORED. I have observed this happen again and again and experienced it myself as dynamic individuals jockey against each other for positions of power in the movement but don’t stop to listen to the rest of us enough.

They are not God and are not perfect.

These (mostly) newcomers to politics are only human.

And this police state is truly frightening.

More pepper spraying, bashing and arrest by police of passionate protestors who are deeply traumatised by profound injustice happened again today on the steps of Victoria’s state parliament.

Lest We Forget.

Freedom wins, when good people unite.

Criminal-In-Chief Daniel Michael Andrews has to go.

Geoff Fox, November 12, 2022, Down Under

Attention King Charles: Daniel Michael Andrews Is A Criminal in Government In Victoria

King Charles,

you face enormous challenges to hold together the best values of our British heritage which have spread around the world.

In Melbourne, Australia, an arrogant, inhuman, stupid, selfish man named Daniel Michael Andrews has caused too much misery to his own people to be ignored.

But people are speaking out and their voices will prevail.

Freedom Party leader Morgan C Jonas talks to the people of Melbourne about Victorian Premier Daniel Michael Andrews

Commentator Rebekah Spelman writes:

“I fully agree with Morgan, who is the most honorable man I’ve ever met.

Andrews is clearly a power hungry despot and a coward. He won’t offer any evidence for why he imposed such harsh lockdowns on Melbourne and regional Victoria. 

I believe Andrews knows he couldn’t get to power without cheating, and he’s too spineless to ever answer accusations against him. A coward says “I can’t recall”.

I would like to see Daniel Michael Andrews arrested and tried, then when found guilty, prosecuted as harshly as our laws allow; which in my view is not harshly enough.”

When good people do nothing, evil triumphs.

Becky Spelman and Morgan Jonas fill me with hope that good can triumph.

King Charles, please don’t ignore their voices.

If you speak up for freedom, you will be a great king.

Geoff Fox, 25th September, 2022, Commonwealth Of Australia

Victoria Police Human Rights Violations And Physical And Low-Grade Sexual Assault During Queen Elizabeth Memorial Service In Melbourne

“It has always been easy to hate and destroy. To build and to cherish is much more difficult.” – Queen Elizabeth The Second

I love St Paul’s Cathedral in Melbourne.

Owing to the wonderful freedoms the Cathedral gives to creative people, I have created online art there this year (for my Indonesianist website) about my own complex spiritual journey, which is now taking me closer to Anglicanism than I have ever been before in my life.

Last Sunday, I went to the Cathedral at about 6 p.m. to see if I could attend the memorial service for Queen Elizabeth The Second. As I approached the entrance I was able to say hello to a very interesting looking man carrying the Aboriginal flag. He was a Wathaurong man. As I understand it, Wathaurong is an aboriginal nation or language group located to the west of Melbourne.

The back of the Cathedral was extremely crowded and at that time it was impossible for me to see anything over people’s heads except the roof. It was also a little difficult to clearly hear everything.

I decided it might be more worthwhile for me to go outside and talk with the Wathaurong man.

I overhead a woman in good, dark clothes talking with him about the possibility of arresting him and I tried to talk with her about the human rights implications of threatening a non violent First Nations man with arrest. She told me that she was offended by me saying that she had threatened him with arrest. I told her that I was offended by her saying she was offended by what I had said. I now realise that her taking of offense proved to me that she did not understand freedom of speech.

Soon after that, the Wathaurong man was in discussions with a man at the cathedral entrance and dressed in a similar way to the afore mentioned woman.

Believing that there were potential human rights problems brewing here, I tried to be a go between and possible conciliator since it seemed to me that police were probably keeping an aboriginal man out of the cathedral.

Based on my very brief conversation with him, this man believes his people hold full sovereignty over their ancestral lands. I dont know enough about this belief yet to fully or partially ascribe to it or fully reject it, but I feel strongly that, like any real problem, First Nations claims to sovereignty in Australia must be discussed and addressed with something that gives Australia’s original first Australians a better place but probably not fully independent soveriegnty over Australian lands.

The black-suited man asked me to move on. I asked if I was committing a crime. The reply was to move on.

I stuck to my guns stating there were human rights issues. I believe in living in The Word which for me means discussing what needs to be discussed. I consider that to be both a right and a responsibility.

Police dragged me away from the cathedral. I resisted that and in the scuffle, I  was pushed to the ground and held to the ground with a level of force way above what is needed for a small group of younger police officers to subdue a peaceful, but talkative, potbellied 65 year old like me.

I was now very angry and began shouting things like “Freedom of religion.”, “Freedom of speech.” , “My dad faced Japanese bullets in World War Two in Balikpapan so Australia would be free.” and “This is a police state.”

It would be a great shame if my noise caused a problem for those mourning in the cathedral, but I do not think what i was doing was completely out of sync with the beliefs of Queen Elizabeth herself. On the 9th of October 1964, HRH said, “It is my ardent desire that no citizen in my realms should suffer restraint.”

I was then frisked. This included a finger or two going down the back of my underpants between my buttocks.

I felt exceedingly uncomfortable and profoundly degraded by that.

As I recall, I said something about the finger or fingers in my underpants, but no one from the small gang of police officers made any response.

The police then took me to the Swanston St seats at the Cathedral’s side and asked me my name.

I told them I would give my name if they gave me an event number for a police investigation into Shane Andrew Patton’s culpability in the false imprisonment of Cardinal George Pell.

This question was repeated by quite a few police officers over the next hour or so and I gave variously worded but substantially unchanging responses. I did my best to impress on those officers willing to listen to me, that Patton’s crimes are much more important business for the police or other more willing authorities to sort out, than halting my human rights and religious conversations in front of the cathedral.

I was taken to a lockup and photographed and fingerprinted.

The cell I was placed in had a toilet and a camera on the wall close to the roof. this camera looked like it could see everything if someone who used the toilet was not very careful about how they used it. There was no toilet paper provided.

Finger prints revealed my identity  and I was released. Police officers told me charges would be mailed to me.

Not knowing where I was and not granted the ride back to the city which I requested, I eventually found my way back to town.

Rebekah Spelman opposing restraints on citizens in Melbourne.

Conservative libertarian Rebekah Spelman has had this to say about my account of what happened:

“That’s a frightful experience, Geoff.

It sounds to me like VicPol dragged you through the gauntlet as far as they did in order to not lose face or give up ground.

What an absolute waste of resources, not to mention the needless suffering or angst for you. I hope you’re alright.

You committed no crime.

They gave you The Full Treatment.

This is what our tax payer dollars are going to.

Meanwhile a friend of mine lives next door to known junkie criminals who blatantly and repeatedly break into her backyard and shed to steal, and the police can’t do a thing at all.

This state is rotten and the problem starts at the top.”

I agree with Becky.

That is why I tried to get the police to focus more on the crimes of Shane Andrew Patton than on violating my human rights to freedom of speech, to freedom of association, to freedom of movement, to freedom of religion and to freedom from degrading and humiliating treatment.

But the most important thing here for me now is not the police violation of my human rights or the physical or low-grade sexual assault against me.

I reported a crime to them.

They did not investigate or respect the report I made.

That’s one more reason that I have the right and responsibility to call the country of my birth a police state.

Geoff Fox, 13th November, 2022, Terror Australis

Becky Spelman telling it like it is outside the mammoth police headquarters in Melbourne.

Women Against Andrews #2 Rebekah Spelman

On the 21st anniversary of the horrific terrorist attacks on the World Trade Centre in New York and the Pentagon in Washington DC, I, Geoff Fox, speak up with Rebekah Spelman against the despicable terrorism of Daniel Michael Andrews, the Premier of Victoria.

Becky has currently left Victoria to try to take stock of what has been done by the evil Andrews state government.

Here are this woman’s strong, raw words on the deep wounds to her patriotic soul from that man:

“I am here in London because I can’t stand the tyranny and the way our lives are being decided for us by a bunch of self-declared rulers ……. Andrews is a power hungry despot and his history of corruption, lies and blatant disregard for the law or the social, moral, legal and economic bounds on him are infuriating. He runs our state into the ground financially by blowing up the state budget to the point where our debt is greater than New South Wales and Queensland combined. There’s no limit to his spending; that’s not good governance. It’s ignorance.

He has broken the law and abused our human rights and these breaches have been found and declared by official inquiries, but there are no consequences and he just carries on.”

Daniel Andrews made shameless use of fear politics in daily press conferences about the Coronavirus to justify lockdowns which trashed educational outcomes, trashed the economy, did enormous damage to just about every aspect of social living and falsely imprisoned millions of Melbourne people in their own homes longer than in any other place in the world.

Andrews is a terrorist.

I am confident that, when Becky Spelman returns to Melbourne, she will keep calling him out.

Her real strength and the greater freedom movement are bound to win.

Freedom always wins because freedom works.

Geoff Fox 9/11, 2022, Down Under

Who Is Being Crucified In Australia Now?

Modern Australia is a stranger to me.

I can’t understand how the good people here have let this country go so bad.

Take the case of Alan Tudge, the former Morrison government education minister who has allegedly been found by an enquiry to have done no wrong against his former sex partner and staffer, Rachelle Miller. Yet Morrison’s department of finance has paid Miller $500.000 compensation plus legal costs.

As Tudge’s political opponent, Rebekah Spelman, says, this is “he said she said” stuff.

I don’t know Rachelle Miller. I don’t automatically consider her a victim just because she is a woman. It is likely that she is very talented, resourceful, ambitious and strong. They are the qualities you need to stand out from the crowd and get a much sought after ministerial staffer position.

It is possible that Miller is a victim as she claims. She has just negotiated half a million dollars of tax payers money by saying things that are not yet proven true against her former boss Alan Tudge.

This is what cancel culture looks like.

It. Is. Shit.

What is needed is a better social and political culture where PC crap doesn’t pervert our world anymore.

Alan Tudge is already tainted by his involvement in inefficient misuse of public money for pork barrelling with respect to building new carparks.

And now he is a half million dollar man to protect him from the claims of a woman who, by some accounts, seduced him. Plus legal costs.

Australia is at a crossroads. China wants to move into the Solomon Islands and the Aussie government wasted 5 billion dollars on not getting the submarines needed to protect shipping from an expansionist totalitarian China.

All Government financial incompetence has to be called out now so that the people can replace those who are incompetent the democratic way at the ballot box in May.

The Australian Labor Party opposition seems like it would rather sell the country to China.

I personally am scared in and alienated from this country of my birth.

As a beautiful Good Friday draws to a close, I ask:

Who is being crucified in Australia now?

Geoff Fox, 15th April, 2022

Government Stupidity – Calling It Out #1 Alan Tudge

It beggars belief that someone, who tweeted something as stupid as Alan Tudge’s tweet 5 months ago today on October 22nd last year, ever served as Australia’s Education Minister.

But Alan Tudge did tweet it when he was Australia’s federal Minister for Education and Youth.

This sort of stupidity is what comes when government is too big, too corrupt and out of touch with the people.

Geoff Fox, 22nd October, 2022, Down Under


On March 10th, 109 years ago, Harriet Tubman died.

She was famous for freeing herself and other slaves.

Perhaps young freedom fighter Becky Spelman will develop into a modern day equivalent.

I hope so.

Modern slavery is not the same as the dangers and persecution Harriet faced and overcame. A new type of psychological management is needed not to get dragged down by inhuman conformist tyranny. Now we have to make freedom fun to defeat the enemy of mass fear.

But Harriet’s advice still applies: “If you hear the dogs, keep going. If you see the torches in the woods, keep going. If there’s shouting after you, keep going. Don’t ever stop. Keep going. If you want a taste of freedom, keep going.”

Go, Becky, go!

(I am proud of the way I have made teammates of the Labrador-Collie, Drifter, and Becky in this little film.)

Geoff Fox, March 10, 2022, Down Under