Attention King Charles #4 – Police State Dangers To Your Realm

Dear King Charles,

Perhaps few people understand as well as you do, just how hard it is for the traditional values of family, church and state to survive unchanged in this w0rld.

I fully understand that you are not a monarch who directly rules the people.

Like your mother, you are a monarch who serves the people both symbolically and in assenting to decisions of parliament which can be discussed with you.

I understand that, in the normal course of events, I should discuss problems I encounter in society with democratically elected people’s representatives before writing to you.

But my attempts to find those discussions, when my human rights were trashed by police and the courts in Melbourne, Australia in 2016, were so miserably unsuccessful that I flew to Indonesia in 2019 and renounced Australian citizenship, hoping to get a better life in Java.

I was returned to Australia from Indonesia against my will, but have never withdrawn that renunciation.

On 9/11 last year, outside St Paul’s Cathedral in Melbourne, I was physically and sexually assaulted by Victoria Police as a result of standing up for the human rights of an Aboriginal man. Now police are taking me to court, as if I were a criminal, despite the fact that the only independent witness said that I did nothing wrong.

Following the Augustinian idea that “Unjust law is not law at all.” and the Ghandian commitment to Satyagraha, “holding firmly to truth”, which Ghandi developed in an earlier era in your realm, I now reject the legal authority of both Victoria Police and Melbourne Magistrates Court, because of their moral failure to deliver justice.

This failure is not only true of what happened to me in 2016, it is true of what was done by them to Cardinal George Pell. From 2016 to 2019, Victoria Police trashed Pell’s rights and used Victorian courts against Pell, including Melbourne Magistrate’s Court.

The Cardinal was thrown into jail for 406 days, when what he had done, beyond reasonable doubt, was to conduct a mass.

Yesterday a Man Of God, a man who understands Christian life and political life, said to me that the treatment of Cardinal George Pell was a “modern inquisition tarted up to be something else.”

King Charles, if your realm, of both the Anglican Church and the British Commonwealth Of Nations, is to be a civil, democratic realm, where human rights are respected and not trashed, then I believe you have a crucial role, even if it is a politically symbolic role, to play now in speaking up for human rights, for democracy and for freedom.

Immoral injustice implies no rule of real law in this part of your realm.

I await your response.


Telling my story,

Geoff Fox, 23rd January, 2023, Melbourne, Australia

Attention King Charles #3 Some Facts About My 2022 In What Some Call Your Realm


you are Australia’s head of state and you are the Supreme Governor of The Church of England.

I tried theologically to make friends with Anglicans in Melbourne this year. I failed.

An Anglican indigenous leader from New South Wales was falsely described as part of Victorian Wurundjeri language group on his own website. It took me months to get the man to correct the mistake. Ironically this man prides himself on the importance of getting local knowledge right. Sometimes this makes him very wise. But why was it that he could not and cannot respect my attempts to correct his own mistake about his own origins?

He told me that for him aboriginal people should get sovereignty over all of Australia. 3% of the people to rule over the other 97% ?

When I told him I might be 1/16th aboriginal he told me that I had to be all or nothing. I tried to be his friend and engage with his culture

When I was angry because police attacked me in front of the church where this man has been canonised, he and that church’s dean laughed at me. Maybe it was embarassed, nervous laughter in a difficult situation. Maybe not.

The Anglican Church has spat out my attempts at friendship.

Am I better off?

Perhaps I need to move away from them/you towards our God.

Geoff Fox, 31st December, 2022, Terra Nullius

Attention King Charles #2 What Do You Stand For Now?

King Charles,

My current problems in the police state of Victoria began when I was dragged through psychological hell by the police here in 2016 to protect an ALP politician in government from doing the job of being a people’s representative.

On 9/11 this year, during the memorial service for your mother at your church, St Paul’s Cathedral in Melbourne, things got worse. Click here for a detailed account. In a nutshell, when I tried to tell police that they had human rights responsibilities, (here I use the words of the Dean of the Cathedral written to me at 3.02 p.m. today AEST to describe what happened): “Victoria Police arrested you on the forecourt of the Cathedral. I believe that you have no reason to lie to me when you tell me that you were manhandled by the police in a way that you describe to be a low-grade sexual assault.”

Today I reluctantly agreed to meet the Dean at a building behind the cathedral to try to find a solution. He just wouldn’t even walk outside the building to a place one minutes walk away where discussion of human rights issues would have felt right to me.

A bit after 2.15 p.m. the Dean spoke to me about what happened to me at his church on 9/11 as if he didnt know what happened. 15 days after the event. It took 15 days for him to talk to a victim of sexual assault by police at the entrance to his cathedral. Anglican authorities who work closely with him were informed of the incident by me the following day (9/12), as I recall.

I exploded with anger at this point, about 2.20 p.m. today, at the Dean, and, shortly afterwards at the man who accompanied him. I wish I hadn’t, but I did. I had tried very hard to get the Dean to agree to meet at a more appropriate location for human rights issues, but the Dean just didn’t see how asking a man traumatised by sexual assualt to meet him at the complex of buildings where the assualt happened was gob smackingly insensitive.

And to day the Dean has written to me (3.02 p.m.) that the answer to this situation is to get the assault dealt with by complaining to the organisation whose personnel committed the crime.

Again, gob smackingly insensitive to me.

FYI, King Charles, I have begun formal complaints on human rights grounds to the Victorian Equal Opportunity and Human Rights Commission about both The Dean of St Paul’s conduct in response to police attacks on me at the entrance to the Cathedral and Archbishop Philip Freier’s conduct in response to the same police attacks on me at the entrance to the Cathedral.

Victoria Police might be treating Victorians worse now that they did when their predecessors persecuted Irishman Ned Kelly in the late 1800’s and turned him into a national hero.

It is very every healing for me in this time of a profound emotional trauma to commune with Ned:

Communing with the amour of Ned Kelly in a sanctum of refuge for me in the police state of Victoria.

It seems to me that two of your subordinates, the Dean and the Archbishop are in this matter not up to the job of treating a male victim of sexual assault with sensitivity and respect. I believe the story of their best and their worst makes compelling reading.

Will you tolerate the trashing of human rights at your mother’s memorial service without making any comment, King Charles?

What sort of king are you going to be ?

I’d rather plant environmentalist WW2 memorial trees with you than send an open letter like this.

But such is life.

Geoff Fox, 26th September, 2022, Down Under

Charles III in 2021, while still a prince, with Jo Biden at a climate change conference.

Attention King Charles: Daniel Michael Andrews Is A Criminal in Government In Victoria

King Charles,

you face enormous challenges to hold together the best values of our British heritage which have spread around the world.

In Melbourne, Australia, an arrogant, inhuman, stupid, selfish man named Daniel Michael Andrews has caused too much misery to his own people to be ignored.

But people are speaking out and their voices will prevail.

Freedom Party leader Morgan C Jonas talks to the people of Melbourne about Victorian Premier Daniel Michael Andrews

Commentator Rebekah Spelman writes:

“I fully agree with Morgan, who is the most honorable man I’ve ever met.

Andrews is clearly a power hungry despot and a coward. He won’t offer any evidence for why he imposed such harsh lockdowns on Melbourne and regional Victoria. 

I believe Andrews knows he couldn’t get to power without cheating, and he’s too spineless to ever answer accusations against him. A coward says “I can’t recall”.

I would like to see Daniel Michael Andrews arrested and tried, then when found guilty, prosecuted as harshly as our laws allow; which in my view is not harshly enough.”

When good people do nothing, evil triumphs.

Becky Spelman and Morgan Jonas fill me with hope that good can triumph.

King Charles, please don’t ignore their voices.

If you speak up for freedom, you will be a great king.

Geoff Fox, 25th September, 2022, Commonwealth Of Australia