Say No To Andrews #5 Natasha Kons

Natasha Kons is a woman of mixed heritage including 50% Greek ancestry.

This means freedom and democracy have been in her DNA and family culture for thousands of years.

She is a Freedom Party candidate in Melbourne’s southern suburbs at this November’s Victorian state election.

Specifically she is very keen to see the spirit of 1940, when the Greek Prime Minister said “No” (“Oxi”) to Mussolini, repeated now with respect to Victorian Premier Daniel Andrews.

Dictator Dan’s days are numbered.

He has no chance of beating confident, honest, young people like Natasha in a fair contest.

She writes:

“We must restore total integrity, transparency and accountability to government. Right now we have the opposite.

Parents demand the restoration of their innate rights as guardians of our families away from the State assuming those rights.

In a world that is changing at an ever-increasing speed, so many people feel overwhelmed and forgotten. School and business and other closures and lockdown isolation have left us vulnerable and confused, with alarming increases in mental health issues and addictions. The system has been failing and continues to fail far too many people people.

I am here to be a strong voice for all individuals who are questioning the Daniel Andrews status quo.

I stand for total accountability and transparency and a return to a loving and caring community spirit. Join with me in returning Victoria to strength.”

Truth and freedom and family life will prevail.

Andrews. Has. No. Chance. Now.

Geoff Fox, 26th October, 2022, Down Under