I WILL TELL MY STORY #9 My Heritage Betrayed

The picture above shows Victoria Police in 2021 in Melbourne, Australia, pepper spraying a grandmother protesting for freedom after knocking her to the ground.

These cowards, assaulting an old woman, make me ashamed of Australia.

My grandfather JR Blanchard stood up for human rights after World War Two and represented the Presbyterian Church of Australia at Queen Elizabeth’s coronation. He taught me The Lord’s Prayer. I am proud of him.

My grandmother, Clarissa Fox, made me deeply happy because she recognised when I was young that I like to help people. I believe she was a granddaughter of someone in The Australian Aboriginal cricket team which toured England in 1868. She had a cooking show on the radio. I am proud of her.

At Queen Elizabeth’s memorial service in Melbourne this shows the moment when police fingers went inside my underpants after they took me out of prayer with an aboriginal man at the Cathedral and physically assaulted me.


In police uniform.

Assaulting elderly people.

Such is life in Australia.

Geoff Fox, 66 years old today, 23rd May, 2023, Down Under