Religious Persecution – Joan Of Arc and Cardinal George Pell

with Pell

Joan of Arc was executed on the 30th of May 1431.

She was a religious warrior.

What was done to her by the English forces invading France and their French allies was wrong.

Joan wore male clothes to protect her from rape and this dress was part of the “reason” she was executed.

Cardinal George Pell was found guilty of molesting two boys while wearing garments which made that molestation impossible. These traditional garments worked to prevent what Pell was shamefully accused of.

I believe that the conviction and imprisonment of Australia’s second most successful catholic was an injustice on a par with what was one to Saint Joan.

I dont have time now to state all the other reasons I believe the treatment of Pell can be compared with what was done to Joan Of Arc. (I am going out this Sunday afternoon in Australia to have a kick of the footy (a.k.a. football) with a Man Of God.)

Suffice to say the High Court Of Australia overturned Pells’ conviction in a 7-0 judgement.

I too suffered injustice in the so-called justice system of the police state of Victoria.

Shame on you, Socialist Left Premier Daniel Andrews.




Geoff Fox,7.26 p.m. 30th May, (San Diego time)

Dr Lord on Why Greta Thunberg is no Joan Of Arc


The 23rd of May is the 590th anniversary of the capture by the English of Joan of Arc.

Iconoclast Physician of the Brain, “Dr Lord” of Melbourne, writes this about the chances of finding a new Joan Of Arc in the modern world:

“Joan of Arc was a fascinating & amazing girl/woman.

She didn’t just talk about fighting: she fought. She did that for her nation even though the French didn’t deserve her and kept refusing her help.

She made a King out of Charles despite him being a whimp.

She beat the poms at their own game and eventually won over the loyalty of her own country – nothing any bloke had done.

You could not hope to see anyone like Joan of Arc today.


Greta Thunberg would appear to be her antithesis.

There are some similarities in age, gender, passion and challengers, but there the likeness ends.

JA was not viewed as a prophet or saint in her own era – that happened centuries after she died.

GT is already called a prophet in a secular age devoid of miracles but hasnt proved it.

JA was not considered worth listening to, yet predicted what did happen.

GT said what most people already knew and has talked about doing something; she praises action.

JA took action; she fought. She turned around a war.

JA was patient. GT is not. JA led by example.  GT sticks out by example.
GT is said to do & say what her parents wanted.

JA’s family didnt support her & tried to talk her out of it.

GT is wealthy; JA endured poverty and respected the poor.

GT praises the warrior; JA was the warrior.

JA had some secret inner unity and external utility.

GT is the modern phenomenon of film clip based celebrity.”

23rd May, 2020, Terra Nullius

Joan of Arc in the Name of God

On the 8th of May, 1429, 17 year old military commander Joan of Arc, the visionary daughter of a peasant, lifted the siege of Orleans. This was the turning point in a war waged by men which lasted 100 years.

It is said that on that day she had the opportunity to mop up some remaining English forces by slaughtering them, but refused to do so, because it was a Sunday.

Two days earlier she had single handedly repelled an English advance by yelling “Au nom de Dieu!” (In the name of God.)

It took nearly half a millenium before she was made a Saint, in 1920. (On average the canonisation process takes 181 years.)

Joan of Arc lived in a different age when lies and disrespect for God did not dominate the Western World.

“Shelly” of San Diego wrtes: “Some say she suffered from schizophrenia but I have never heard of a schizophrenic being allowed to do something as epic as kick an invading army out. I believe she was divinely inspired to do what she did and is a strong female role model. The fact that she was executed for wearing men’s clothes, a right we 21st century women take for granted, just makes her martyrdom more tragic.”

It wouldnt be the first time in the history of the world that a creative genius or leader was labelled mad or bad and persecuted.

Geoff Fox, 8th May, 2020, Down Under