This week champion Australian Rules Football player Jordan De Goey cannot practice his profession because of merciless bullying by people who cannot handle youthful public displays of consensual heterosexuality.

Initially Jordy called the media reactions persecution. Maybe that was slightly too strong a word. An over reaction to an over reaction.

New York born Hungarian artist Roza Ganser says: “Its a silly, sad travesty to over react when two young people are just having fun. Stop bullying Jordan De Goey.”

I agree.

The only person being blamed AND SHAMED for allegedly degrading all women here is Jordan De Goey.

He is in the footage which shows consensual liberated flirting in a night club.

Beautiful Remy Jackson is also in the footage.

As far as I know, neither of them published the footage.

Neither of them is constantly republishing it.

What is wrong with Western societies when they demonise the heterosexuality, spirituality and patriotism of their own men?

Geoff Fox, 23rd June, 2022, Terra Nullius