Jesus Against Tyranny #1 Helena

“Rebellion to tyrants is obedience to God!” – Benjamin Franklin

The transformative story of Jesus’ birth to Mary and Joseph was a massive shift in human faith from a focus on venal squabbling gods to the love and power of family. Helena is a stalwart of Melbourne’s protests against the Socialist Left tyranny of the Andrews State government.

She holds the iconic image of the Mother and Child and wears a Cross with joy, passion and devotion against a government which persecutes Christians and deprives parents of basic family rights.

Tyranny cannot survive powers like this.

Geoff Fox, 16th December, 2022

Women For Freedom #14 A Christian Lady

On this day in 1861, during the American Civil War, passionate anti slavery campaigner Julia Ward Howe wrote The Battle Hymn Of The Republic. Today I take some of the words of that song, modernising a few of them, and then combine them with images of an Australian Christian woman who regularly stands up against tyranny on the streets of Melbourne.

This anonymous woman is one of the many stalwarts of Melbourne’s freedom movement.

Again and again, I have seen her bring both passionate defiance of tyranny and devotion to Her Lord Jesus Christ to the streets of Melbourne. In this image, she does not look forward to the false promises of a clearway from a Socialist Left police state. She looks to what comes to her from the past, from her faith in Jesus Christ and what He contributed to Western Heritage to give her and so many His followers so much genuine moral strength.

God Bless Her Now And Forever

Geoff Fox, November 19, American time, 2022