The Right To Scream # 1 Fay Wray

The movie King Kong, which was released in New York on the 2nd of March, 1933, made Fay Wray famous as a Scream Queen.

The movie was a fantasy.

But the impact of her screaming was real.

It extended the boundaries of onscreen freedom of speech to freedom to scream.

Her character, actress Ann Darrow, had been promised a tall, dark and handsome leading man.

This could have created various expectations in the heart, mind and body of the young woman picked out from the streets of New York to star in a mysterious adventure movie.

When the leading man she hoped for turned out be a gigantic, hairy, ferocious ape, the build up of emotions lead to the unleashing of screams unlike anything Hollywood had heard before.

Wray later said, “When I’m in New York I look at the Empire State Building and feel as though it belongs to me … or is it vice versa? … “

How does this relate to modern, victimhood feminism?

In King Kong, Fay Wray As The Beauty Killed The Beast.

In my eyes, The Beast of Third Wave Feminism kills the beauty of women in the modern world.

Its not supposed to be that way, to quote a country song.

But it is.

Will we get over it and calm down?

Or will we tear ourselves apart?

Fay Wray in October 1933.

Self Expression Heals.

Geoff Fox, 2nd March, 2023, Down Under

Freedom Can Work And Can Fail #1 Edward VI, Norman Rockwell And Gloria Vanderbilt

Freedom Works” is an elemental aspiration to truth for me.

But the darknesses of human hearts mean that dream can turn out wrong.

Looking at three important freedom historical events on this date, February 20, my mantra “Freedom Works” doesn’t quite fit the bill every time.

In 1547, the 20th of February saw the coronation of Edward the 6th when he was 9 years old. My American monarchist friend says, “Poor little boy ….. Henry VIII’s desired, but mostly ignored son, motherless child who died too young  …… ” One of the great achievements of his reign, when the realm was governed by a regency council, was to lift the requirement for celibacy from Anglican priests. This happened when Edward was an 11 year old boy.

On February 20, 1924, in New York City, Gloria Vanderbilt (pictured above in 1959 from The United States Steel Hour) was born into money and a sensational high profile custody battle between her mother and paternal aunt. Gloria lived life as a fully functioning woman, whose four marriages and affairs with Brando, Sinatra, Howard Hughes and Roald Dahl underline how impossible celibacy can be for some people.

In “The Rainbow Comes And Goes” she wrote, “Remember whenever money is involved, it brings out horrific things in people. ……. Take time and be certain you place your trust in those whose interests and goals mirror your own.”

In 1943 on February 20, the Saturday Evening post published Norman Rockwell’s painting, “Free Speech”, based on Frankilin Roosevelt’s idea of “freedom of speech, and expression—everywhere in the world.”

The 1940’s. The Greatest Generation. Not what we are now.

In the modern world, Roosevelt’s idea of worldwide free speech has withered and died.

Geoff Fox, 20th February, 2023

From Twain To Trump – Freedom Of Speech Needs Good Jokes

”Humor must not professedly teach, and it must not professedly preach, but it must do both if it would live forever.” – Mark Twain

Donald Trump brought the capacity to entertain to American politics and won the presidency from stiff PC lies.

In the best traditions of Mark Twain.

Entertaining people makes them happy and that is a people’s representative’s job.

God bless Elon Musk for setting comedy free again on Twitter.

“Against the assault of laughter, nothing can stand.” – Mark Twain

Geoff Fox, 29th October, 2022

A Socialist Left Reign Of Terror.

Today is the  227th anniversary  of the start of the Reign Of Terror.

On this day the Australian Labor Party continues to use fear make a massive power grab in the State Of Victoria by imprisoning 5 million people in their own homes, by forcing most businesses to stop trading and by denying the fundamental right to protest and the right to freedom of speech.

Today an elected people’s representative of this political party told me that I was not taking the deaths of geriatrics seriously but that the deaths of aborted unborn babies did not count because those babies were “not human”.

Yesterday former conservative Victorian Premier Jeff Kennett tweeted this:

Today current Socialist Left Premier Daniel Andrews was asked to comment on this distinction between dying from Covd-19 as the cause and dying with Covid and other diseases contributing to the death.

Andrews said, “I’ve got absolutely nothing to say about anything that person says. Nothing.”

Former Premier Kennett called for an end to dictatorial fear mongering and deceptive statistics.

Dictator Dan refused to talk.

Meanwhile 5 million Victorians imprisoned in their own homes by Andrews’ decisions are terrified of a future while this socialist destroys the economy by shutting it down.

Geoff Fox, 5th September, 2020, Terra Nullius


Looking at and being in the presence of an extraordinary work of art about men by Melbourne artist John Lawry from Wodonga, my first reaction was to channel Walt Whitman.

This micro-movie and talking with John has subsequently lead me to start re-reading the works of Publius Vergilius Maro (a.k.a Virgil, the great Roman epic and bucolic poet) which I studied at Norwood High School and Melbourne University in the 1970’s and continued reading and rereading in the 1980’s.

Where will this all lead me now?

I dont know.

But one thing is certain.

When you have genuine freedom of speech, you dont always know where it will take you.

Geoff Fox, (YawpMan ?) 8th August, 2020, Terra Nullius

Coronavirus Questions In The Australian Labor Party’s Maribyrnong

Maribyrnong Mayor, Cr Carter, stresses “how important it is to practice social distancing – this is the most effective way to minimise the spread of this virus.”

Here is film of how teams of people “working” this week  to decontaminate public surfaces in the Maribyrnong shopping precinct were “social distancing”:

I want to know:

A. Why are teams of 5-10 people who are employed to reduce the spread of Coronavirus violating “social distancing” rules over and over again in Maribyrnong as they walk along the streets?

B. Who employs them? Is it the council?

C. Why dont they split into two groups and walk down each side of the street so that they could get more “work” done quicker and keep further apart more easily?

They dont keep one and a half metres away from each other and make it impossible for other people to use the footpaths legally. Is this a deliberate policy from Maribyrnong City Council to keep customers away from businesses which are in danger of going out of business because of nanny state fear of freedom and fear of death?

The broad thrust of Coronavirus policy from the Socialist Left leadership of Victoria seems to me to be to make certain that we get a new Great Depression so that the private sector will be ruined and the government will control everything.

Are They All Evil Or Just Plain Morons?

Is Maribyrnong City Council doing anything to moderate the stupidity of the over reactions in the name of a “safety”, which it is impossible to achieve, in order to save the economy on which people’s lives depend?

What I have just practised above is freedom of speech.

Maribyrnong should try it sometime. They might learn something.

My father faced Japanese bullets for western freedoms on the beach at Balikpapan almost 75 years ago.

I will practice freedom of speech till the day I die.

Maribyrnong, you make me sick. (Specifically PTSD)

Geoff Fox, Maribyrnong, Terra Nullius

Human Rights Trashed in Terra Nullius.

Too many Australians dont know what it is to be human anymore. Or maybe that is not so new. The continent was once called Terra Nullius (Nobody’s Land) so that colonisers could ignore the indigenous inhabitants and claim ownership for their own nation.

Many people in Australia believe Australia has a good human rights record, but, so far, not a single one of them from the Prime Minister down has been willing to say publicly and openly for me on this blog that what happened to me was wrong: in 2016 when I wanted to celebrate human rights in Australia, my own human rights were trashed.

So I renounced my citizenship and sought asylum in Indonesia, a nation built on civilised humanity.

After two weeks of sanctuary in a tertiary level madrassah and three months in Immigration Detention, I was deported back to Australia against my will.

I might become homeless this Australian summer.

But I wont back down: I stand on and I speak up for my right to be free.

For freedom of speech.

For the integrity of representative democracy.

For the right to self-determination.

Geoff Fox, Human Rights Day, 2019, Terra Nullius

Calling Out Tanya Pilbersek on Misandry and Freedom of Speech

Tanya Pilbersek, today is your 50th birthday and the 65th anniversary of the censure of Joseph McCarthy by the US Senate.

Today I remind you of the great words of one of the pioneers of the long campaign to bring McCarthy under control. On June 1st 1950 Senator Margaret Smith of Maine said to the Senate: “Freedom of speech is not what it used to be in America.  It has been so abused by some that it is not exercised by others.”

Senator Smith took a courageous stand against what she called “hate and character assassination”

Today I ask you, Tanya Pilbersek, to repudiate the misandry of #metoo and White Ribbon Day which has created a climate of fear where an elected people’s representative of your political party can use the police against freedom of speech and not be held to account.

I call on you to unequivocally reject the sexist campaign to end violence against women. This is a gross affront to all male victims of violence.

Today, on the day of your birth, I, writing as a former midwife of 3 decades standing, ask you to remember all mothers and recant your politically motivated opposition to Tony Abbott’s sadly ill fated but ground breaking proposal for a more generous paid parental leave scheme.

Mr Abbott wanted to tax the biggest companies in Australia to give all mothers 6 months 100% income replacement for income up to $150,00 a year.

You said that this showed his “lack of respect” for women.

The truth is that you showed your lack of respect for mothers.

Shame on you.

Geoff Fox, Terra Nullius, 2nd December, 2019