A Victorian Post Mortem: UAP 2022 Federal Election Performance

This year the spirit and ideas brought to Australian politics through the modern United Australia Party gave many people great hope.

The iconic words “Freedom Freedom Freedom” were seen and heard across this land because of UAP. That was a bright beacon during the travesty of deadly inhuman lockdowns which turned the wide brown land into a place of terrifying darkness.

UAP was unequivocal about proposing a Bill Of Rights to make freedom a reality.

UAP channeled the spirit of Australia’s great wartime Prime Minister John Curtin with the idea of bringing 1 trillion dollars of Australian superannuation back to this country to work for Australia in this land.

UAP proposed a 3 % cap on mortgage rates to stop far too many Australians losing their homes in the higher interest rate era we know is coming.

UAP proposed restoring a 1960s style Australian Government export license of 15% for our iron ore to reduce the national debt by 70% in 15 years.

UAP proposed leasing submarines now because we need them now.

On these issues, UAP was real.

But there were also problems with their massive campaign which I believe made it less appealing in Victoria.

The final word in every single UAP ad on Victorian television screens was “Brisbane”. This just did not resonate in multicultural Melbourne. Both Clive Palmer and Craig Kelly, at their best, are superb freedom fighters, but in this state they are inevitably perceived as a Queenslander and a New South Welshman. The campaign needed local voices.

There were some great UAP people running here in Victoria. This link shows the onscreen potential of a few of them. More UAP people should have become better known on Melbourne TV screens.

In Shakespeare’s classic tragedy King Lear, the octogenarian king gave all his inheritance and power over his kingdom to two sycophantic daughters, Regan and Goneril, who lied to him and later literally threw him out in the cold where he raved in senile madness. But Lear was infuriated when his other daughter Cordelia did not flatter him but chose to “love (him) and be silent”. Lear banishes Cordelia but later on when he himself is banished and reduced to homelessness in horrible weather it is only Cordelia who helps him.

While I don’t for a minute suggest that what went wrong with the UAP campaign was identical in all ways to what happened to King Lear in the Shakespearean tragedy, I do think it is possible that there was a bubble in Brisbane which insulated Clive Palmer, the guy who funded the huge campaign, from hearing what was happening in the trenches from the freedom fighters inspired to work very hard as candidates for him.

Can Mr Palmer learn from past mistakes and stick with us here, in the state of his birth, in the fight for freedom at the state election in November or do we have to take our allegiances elsewhere?

We face a criminal tyrant named Daniel Michael Andrews here in Victoria.

Who is up for the fight?

Geoff Fox, 6th June, 2022 Melbourne

Women For Freedom #1 Rebekah Spelman

The Socialist Left police state of Victoria has broken my heart.

But when strong young men and women like Becky Spelman speak up for truth, justice and freedom, I start to dream of a free Australia again.

Australia’s Donald Trump has backed Becky to run for parliament in the election due in May in the seat held by the national Education Minister, Alan Tudge, whose electorate office is in the same small building as the local police station.

Go Becky! Go!

Australia needs you now.

Geoff Fox, 26th February, 2022, Down Under