Aussie Freedom Fighters #13 A Fractured Freedom Movement

This is a pre-election post mortem.

This shows Word Art images of good freedom fighters in Melbourne, Victoria, with whom I have been able to do small good things here this year. 2022, against a Socialist Left tyrant, but who were not able to stay united against a common enemy of freedom.

These are good people who have divided against each other in too many ways too often to unite and win.

I hope they can use all their talent and courage to form a team after this November 26 election which can work with me and many other disillusioned loners who are victims of tyranny but far too easily swept aside when our voices ARE IGNORED. I have observed this happen again and again and experienced it myself as dynamic individuals jockey against each other for positions of power in the movement but don’t stop to listen to the rest of us enough.

They are not God and are not perfect.

These (mostly) newcomers to politics are only human.

And this police state is truly frightening.

More pepper spraying, bashing and arrest by police of passionate protestors who are deeply traumatised by profound injustice happened again today on the steps of Victoria’s state parliament.

Lest We Forget.

Freedom wins, when good people unite.

Criminal-In-Chief Daniel Michael Andrews has to go.

Geoff Fox, November 12, 2022, Down Under

Military Heritage – Getting It Right #1

In Daniel Michael Andrews’ police state of Victoria, the terrible sickness of not fully respecting military heritage is very widespread.

Even people who genuinely want to respect the Anzacs and the lessons of history and save us from repeating horrible mistakes of past totalitarianisms, sometimes tell stories which might not be 100% true.

In the following film clip, I believe that there are one or two historical mistakes which would not be there in a perfect world.

However I am sure that Aidan Mclindon’s intentions are truly honourable and the conclusions he draws are still worthwhile.

I hope the purists are not offended if the battle description by Aidan is indeed not entirely historically accurate.

Lest We Forget.

Fighting totalitarian tyrants like DMA is very, very difficult.

Freedom is not an impossible to achieve perfect utopia. But it is where human beings can grow to function at their best.

Free people make mistakes and, at their best, learn from those mistakes and don’t repeat them. I include Aidan McLindon in this category.

But that man, DMA, whom I have observed from a distance and up close on the steps of parliament, is not a man who knows how to learn.

The price of liberty is eternal vigilance.

Geoff Fox, 19th October, 2022, Terra Nullius