Australian Federal Police Officer Charged With Trafficking Metamphetamines, High Level Corruption, Theft And Money Laundering And Then RELEASED ON BAIL

An Australian Federal Police (AFP) Officer, who lives in a suburb about 5 kilometers or so from my place, has been charged with trafficking methamphetamines, high level corruption, theft and money laundering.

The magistrate who has released him on bail did so in part because he has “no criminal history.” (the link to this Melbourne Herald-Sun article is behind a paywall)

The officer deserves the presumption of innocence but the range of criminal charges in a country where wrong doing police officers are rarely held to account seems to make a compelling case for protecting the public from what he might do when set free.

This is happening on my side of town. Approximately half a dozen kilometres from my place

It makes this over-policed neighbourhood feel even less safe to me knowing that he is free.

Who agrees?

Geoff Fox,