Criminalising Communication – Again

A neighbour persistently breaking Coronavirus lockdown rules seems to think normal communication by me with her is a crime to be punished. I call any such thought bullying.

I am an isolated vulnerable 63 year old man in Victoria, Australia.

I created art displays in Indonesia at places important to Douglas MacArthur, Barak Obama and Presidents Yudhoyono and Jokowi. When I wanted to share that in Australia, I was told it was harassment by an Australian Labor Party politician and dragged through psychological hell by police action against me. Before the politician’s 2016 local election here.

Yesterday I went to the Police Station to report bullying behaviour towards me and repeated lockdown violations by a neighbour who refused to discuss the problem with me.

Hostile police treated me as if I was committing a crime.

Why cant people talk openly anymore?

This is, again, in the lead-up to a local election.

Geoff Fox 29th September, 2020

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