On this date, 233 years ago, President George Washington said in the first State of the Union Address, “Knowledge is in every Country the surest basis of public happiness.”

On this date, three years ago, The Iranian Revolutionary Guard (IRGC) shot down Ukraine International Airlines Flight 752,  killing all 176 passengers and crew aboard.

A Melbourne Street theatre reenactment of IRGC killings.

In life, we mortal human beings must strive to do the best we can with what God gives us.

That requires honesty from all of us.

Allahu ‘alam. God knows best.

The truth will set us free.

Geoff fox, January 8th, 2023, Down Under

Attention King Charles #3 Some Facts About My 2022 In What Some Call Your Realm


you are Australia’s head of state and you are the Supreme Governor of The Church of England.

I tried theologically to make friends with Anglicans in Melbourne this year. I failed.

An Anglican indigenous leader from New South Wales was falsely described as part of Victorian Wurundjeri language group on his own website. It took me months to get the man to correct the mistake. Ironically this man prides himself on the importance of getting local knowledge right. Sometimes this makes him very wise. But why was it that he could not and cannot respect my attempts to correct his own mistake about his own origins?

He told me that for him aboriginal people should get sovereignty over all of Australia. 3% of the people to rule over the other 97% ?

When I told him I might be 1/16th aboriginal he told me that I had to be all or nothing. I tried to be his friend and engage with his culture

When I was angry because police attacked me in front of the church where this man has been canonised, he and that church’s dean laughed at me. Maybe it was embarassed, nervous laughter in a difficult situation. Maybe not.

The Anglican Church has spat out my attempts at friendship.

Am I better off?

Perhaps I need to move away from them/you towards our God.

Geoff Fox, 31st December, 2022, Terra Nullius

Women’s Knowledge and Life and Freedom #4 The Power Of Love

4 time British Prime Minister William Gladstone was born on this date 213 years ago in 1809.

He was both a strong opponent of slavery and a statesman who tried to get people to see during the American Civil War that the confederacy’s determination to be independent could not be ignored. He opposed restoration of The Union by military force from the North.

60’s guitar hero Jimi Hendrix borrowed Gladstone’s dream of looking “forward to the time when the Power of Love will replace the Love of Power. Then will our world know the blessings of peace.”

I admire the idealism, which I glimpse from outside their language and culture, of Iranian women and their families and community in Melbourne, who are now opposing evil tyranny by calling it out.

I hope that idealism can succeed.

Geoff Fox, 29th December, 2022, Down Under

Remembering QE2 Remembering Her Dad – We Need A Revival Of Spirit

Today is the 127th birthday of King George The Sixth, the father of Queen Elisabeth The Second. My grandfather, Ralph Blanchard, attended her coronation in his capacity as Moderator-General of the Presbyterian Church.

In a D-Day address in 2019, with both her son, then Prince Charles, and President Donald Trump sitting behind her, Queen Elisabeth recalled with pride her father’s call to his people for a “revival of the spirit”.

The beginning of her life was a time of great hardship, The Great Depression and World War Two. This period of difficulty lead to one of the great documents of human history – The Universal Declaration Of Human Rights. (UDHR)

This declaration was the response to the Allied world’s triumph aver fascism. It was an attempt to see that fascist atrocities could never be repeated.

It was a time of hope. The young Princess Elisabeth and then Queen Elisabeth was a continuing symbol of that optimism.

Princess Elisabeth and her fiancé a few months before their wedding.

She stood for high ideals.

Lincoln’s formulation of “democracy of the people, by the people, for the people”.

“Congress and our Parliaments are the twin pillars of our civilisations.”

Faith “in the freedom of the individual and the rule of a fair and just law.”

“…. our societies rest on mutual agreement on contract and consensus”

(These 4 quotes come from the Queen’s address to the U.S. Congress in 1991.)

4 decades before that, in 1951, President Harry Truman was not the only one captivated by young Elisabeth’s beauty, grace and charm.

But what has happened to those ideals over the course of her lifetime?

The tragedy of Diana.

The intercontinental family feud that is Megxit.

The persistent allegations against the new King’s disgraced brother, Andrew.

The very recent trashing of the human rights of millions of people across the Western World.

And I personally was physically and sexually assaulted by police representing The Crown at the entrance of The Church of The Crown during a memorial service for Queen Elisabeth on 9/11 a little over three months ago.

I hope that George the Sixth and Elisabeth the Second rest in peace.

But I will not abandon my real human need for a spirit of revival and the fight for fairness and justice and universal human rights from modern government tyrants.

Freedom works.

To quote her own words, corruption of the best ideals espoused by Elisabeth “never grows well nor for very long. Force, in the end, is sterile.”

God Bless Freedom.

God save democracy and human rights.

Geoff Fox, 14th December, 2022, Down Under

Blue Environmentalists #1 Ralph Babet

Blue is the colour of the clear sky and of oceans.

In Australia, blue has been a traditional colour of conservatives as opposed to Austtralian Labor Party’s more leftist red.

Senator Ralph Babet describes himself an “actual environmmentalist”.

My discussions with him over the just completed weekend, have lead me to suggesting he can be described as a Blue Environmentalist.

Senator Babet believes in love of God’s creation and human responsibility for stewardship of creation.

He thinks that supporting the establishment of new national parks is a good thing for his political party to do.

He agrees with my idea that conservatives are very well suited to being the best conservationists. As Ron Paul defined it, conservatives conserve what is good.

Senator Babet’s conservationist side gives me hope that my dream of a National Park starting at the vacant explosives factory site in Maribyrnong and maybe reaching all the way along the wildlife corridor that goes up into the Macedon Ranges might one day become more than just an old man’s fantasy.

Geoff Fox, 24th October, 2022, Australia

Open Letter To Philip Freier: Please Talk With Me And Our Uncle Glenn


Existing below the supreme power of God, not all powers on our earth are equal.

In Western societies, justice systems are failing the people again and again and again.

I have just submitted this human rights complaint to Victorian Equal Opportunity And Human Rights Commissioner Ro Allen.

“Ro Allen,

with a heavy heart, I name Archbishop Philip Leslie Freier as a respondent in this human rights complaint relating to insensitivity and failure to properly address issues raised by me with him.

I do this under the  Charter of Human Rights and Responsibilities Act 2006 both section 10 B  (A person must not treated or punished in a cruel, inhuman or degrading way) and Section 15.2 (Every person has the right to freedom of expression which includes the freedom to seek, receive and impart information and ideas of all kinds, whether within or outside Victoria and whether— (a) orally; or (b) in writing; or (c) in print;)

Geoff Fox”

Archbishop, in this matter I look to a higher power than any western pretense of justice in the Police State of Victoria to resolve what’s gone wrong between you and me: Associate Professor Uncle Glenn Loughrey’s unique combination of ancient and modern knowledge may be the mediator you and I need.

While Uncle Glenn does not profess to have all the answers to everything, he is willing to listen.

Archbishop, will you talk with me and Uncle Glenn, just the three of us, and see if we can resolve the differences we have in accordance with an ancient culture which is probably much better attuned to human needs than anything which owes its origins to the pernicious lies and still pervasive methodology of the doctrine of Terra Nullius?

Archbishop, can you and I try to do this The Aboriginal Way?

Geoff Fox, proud grandson of Clarissa Fox (nee Howard), who just might have been the granddaughter of Johnny Mullagh, or one of his teammates.

My paternal grandmother, Clarissa Fox.

Postscript. (26/9/2022)

Archbishop, you have helped me with my concept of being anglo-islamic this year.

You memorial tree planting collaboration with Bishop David Farrer enriched my progressive-conservative environmentalist website this year.

I am still thinking about the possibility of the compatibility of my core beliefs with becoming Anglican.

But every day on which you do not discuss my complaint against you of human rights violations against me based on your response to my treatment by police at the entrance to St Pauls Cathedral on 9/11 this year during the QE2 memorial service, is a day on which you dig a deeper hole for your self with respect to those violations.

Is this what your new boss King Charles would want you to do?

Is this what Jesus would do?

The Word = Logos = discourse = talking with me.

Victoria Police Human Rights Violations And Physical And Low-Grade Sexual Assault During Queen Elizabeth Memorial Service In Melbourne

“It has always been easy to hate and destroy. To build and to cherish is much more difficult.” – Queen Elizabeth The Second

I love St Paul’s Cathedral in Melbourne.

Owing to the wonderful freedoms the Cathedral gives to creative people, I have created online art there this year (for my Indonesianist website) about my own complex spiritual journey, which is now taking me closer to Anglicanism than I have ever been before in my life.

Last Sunday, I went to the Cathedral at about 6 p.m. to see if I could attend the memorial service for Queen Elizabeth The Second. As I approached the entrance I was able to say hello to a very interesting looking man carrying the Aboriginal flag. He was a Wathaurong man. As I understand it, Wathaurong is an aboriginal nation or language group located to the west of Melbourne.

The back of the Cathedral was extremely crowded and at that time it was impossible for me to see anything over people’s heads except the roof. It was also a little difficult to clearly hear everything.

I decided it might be more worthwhile for me to go outside and talk with the Wathaurong man.

I overhead a woman in good, dark clothes talking with him about the possibility of arresting him and I tried to talk with her about the human rights implications of threatening a non violent First Nations man with arrest. She told me that she was offended by me saying that she had threatened him with arrest. I told her that I was offended by her saying she was offended by what I had said. I now realise that her taking of offense proved to me that she did not understand freedom of speech.

Soon after that, the Wathaurong man was in discussions with a man at the cathedral entrance and dressed in a similar way to the afore mentioned woman.

Believing that there were potential human rights problems brewing here, I tried to be a go between and possible conciliator since it seemed to me that police were probably keeping an aboriginal man out of the cathedral.

Based on my very brief conversation with him, this man believes his people hold full sovereignty over their ancestral lands. I dont know enough about this belief yet to fully or partially ascribe to it or fully reject it, but I feel strongly that, like any real problem, First Nations claims to sovereignty in Australia must be discussed and addressed with something that gives Australia’s original first Australians a better place but probably not fully independent soveriegnty over Australian lands.

The black-suited man asked me to move on. I asked if I was committing a crime. The reply was to move on.

I stuck to my guns stating there were human rights issues. I believe in living in The Word which for me means discussing what needs to be discussed. I consider that to be both a right and a responsibility.

Police dragged me away from the cathedral. I resisted that and in the scuffle, I  was pushed to the ground and held to the ground with a level of force way above what is needed for a small group of younger police officers to subdue a peaceful, but talkative, potbellied 65 year old like me.

I was now very angry and began shouting things like “Freedom of religion.”, “Freedom of speech.” , “My dad faced Japanese bullets in World War Two in Balikpapan so Australia would be free.” and “This is a police state.”

It would be a great shame if my noise caused a problem for those mourning in the cathedral, but I do not think what i was doing was completely out of sync with the beliefs of Queen Elizabeth herself. On the 9th of October 1964, HRH said, “It is my ardent desire that no citizen in my realms should suffer restraint.”

I was then frisked. This included a finger or two going down the back of my underpants between my buttocks.

I felt exceedingly uncomfortable and profoundly degraded by that.

As I recall, I said something about the finger or fingers in my underpants, but no one from the small gang of police officers made any response.

The police then took me to the Swanston St seats at the Cathedral’s side and asked me my name.

I told them I would give my name if they gave me an event number for a police investigation into Shane Andrew Patton’s culpability in the false imprisonment of Cardinal George Pell.

This question was repeated by quite a few police officers over the next hour or so and I gave variously worded but substantially unchanging responses. I did my best to impress on those officers willing to listen to me, that Patton’s crimes are much more important business for the police or other more willing authorities to sort out, than halting my human rights and religious conversations in front of the cathedral.

I was taken to a lockup and photographed and fingerprinted.

The cell I was placed in had a toilet and a camera on the wall close to the roof. this camera looked like it could see everything if someone who used the toilet was not very careful about how they used it. There was no toilet paper provided.

Finger prints revealed my identity  and I was released. Police officers told me charges would be mailed to me.

Not knowing where I was and not granted the ride back to the city which I requested, I eventually found my way back to town.

Rebekah Spelman opposing restraints on citizens in Melbourne.

Conservative libertarian Rebekah Spelman has had this to say about my account of what happened:

“That’s a frightful experience, Geoff.

It sounds to me like VicPol dragged you through the gauntlet as far as they did in order to not lose face or give up ground.

What an absolute waste of resources, not to mention the needless suffering or angst for you. I hope you’re alright.

You committed no crime.

They gave you The Full Treatment.

This is what our tax payer dollars are going to.

Meanwhile a friend of mine lives next door to known junkie criminals who blatantly and repeatedly break into her backyard and shed to steal, and the police can’t do a thing at all.

This state is rotten and the problem starts at the top.”

I agree with Becky.

That is why I tried to get the police to focus more on the crimes of Shane Andrew Patton than on violating my human rights to freedom of speech, to freedom of association, to freedom of movement, to freedom of religion and to freedom from degrading and humiliating treatment.

But the most important thing here for me now is not the police violation of my human rights or the physical or low-grade sexual assault against me.

I reported a crime to them.

They did not investigate or respect the report I made.

That’s one more reason that I have the right and responsibility to call the country of my birth a police state.

Geoff Fox, 13th November, 2022, Terror Australis

Becky Spelman telling it like it is outside the mammoth police headquarters in Melbourne.

I Can’t Give Love To Police State S–t

George Orwell was born on this day in 1903.

He is famous for his dystopian fictional writing about how people are in “a state of continual warfare” with evil government that uses Thought Police against their own people.

I have been at war and therefore in constant personal turmoil with the police state of Victoria when their Thought Police arrested me in the winter of 2016 and took me through psychological hell that year in a family violence court as a result of lobbying an Australian Labor Party politician for environmentalist WW2 commemoration.

One well intentioned old guy upset me and triggered anger in me by something he said. I will call him DS here, because I see much that is wonderful in him and Deeply Spiritual and because only a few seconds of listening to his beautiful very intellectual voice will tell you that he is a Debonaire Sophisticate. But when he tried to tell me something along the lines that what I suffer now is my own fault because I am not and was not giving out enough love, I got upset.

The only honest response I can make now is still: BULLSHIT !

Police state crap becomes entrenched when people in countries like Australia do not emphatically and unreservedly oppose it.

It cannot be loved.

Any pretense of any such love would be a lie.

As George Orwell wrote: “The relative freedom which we enjoy depends on public opinion. The law is no protection. Governments make laws, but whether they are carried out, and how the police behave, depends on the general temper in the country. If large numbers of people are interested in freedom of speech, there will be freedom of speech, even if the law forbids it; if public opinion is sluggish, inconvenient minorities will be persecuted, even if laws exist to protect them.”

God Bless George Orwell.

God Bless Freedom.

And may the Great And Powerful God, who my personal faith tells me judges over all, may that God ultimately send vicious criminals like Daniel Michael Andrews and Shane Andrew Patton to the hell they deserve for all of their very real crimes.

Geoff Fox, 25th June, 2022, Down Under

Women For Freedom #7 Brooke Brooks No Fear

The Melbourne freedom movement cannot be defeated. It might lose many battles but there are too many good, beautiful people, like Brooke, standing up against the stupidity of modern tyrannies, for those on the side of freedom to be defeated.

Eventually, mindless, inhuman government always implodes upon itself and dies.

As John Keats wrote “Beauty is truthtruth beauty,—that is all ye know on earth, and all ye need to know.”

And the truth will set us free.

Geoff Fox, 13 June, 2022, Down Under