We Must Say No To Daniel Michael Andrews #3 Kelly Moran (and shades of Shakespeare’s Brutus)

Marcus Junius Brutus took his own life on this date 2064 years ago.

Paraphrasing (in part) Shakespeare’s tragic and at times tortured freedom fighter Brutus, I say to criminal-at-large, Daniel Michael Andrews:

“You are a block, a stone, a worse than senseless thing.

You contaminate our future with mass debt

And sell the vison splendid of our southern land

For all the trash of Spring St cowards’ tyranny.

I would rather be a dog who bays the moon

than deny the simple agonising fact

that your wide deep crimes against democracy

are utterly destroying the Australia I loved

the Australia I believed in as a kindly motherland.”

Geoff Fox, 23 October, 2022, Down Under

Arma Virumque Se Cano #1 A Melted Man

I sing of weapons, and of myself as a man.

Of what I have felt done to me.

In this land where, as Steve of Wonni tells it, ” ……… men have been decommissioned of traditional roles. ……. (Some people) want us to be demonised as non accepting, small minded , woman-bashing shits.”

That isn’t what we are.

It is demonisation.

It is misandry.

And that is not what any human needs.

Geoff Fox, 18th August, 2022, Terra Nullius (the original photos in this post were taken by Simon …. the words are added by me)

Hank As A Founding Father Of The Modern American Voice

The USA has an ability to reinvent its core of freedom unlike any other nation known to me.

When popular culture was entering its most saccharine periods, Hank Williams’ tortured powerful enigmatic totally American voice broke through to empower and inspire new ways of singing.

If Hank conceived the liberation of the American voice, Bob Dylan went way beyond that to win a Nobel prize by consummating that liberation.

First as a prophetic both political and apolitical folkie, then in the searing rejection of artificial crap (a folk scene disease) through songs such as Desolation Row and Like A Rolling Stone.

God Bless America

Geoff Fox, June 5, 2022, Down Under

ScoMo’s No-Show

In February this year, 2022, my friend , New York born artist Roza Ganser, wrote a confidential letter to Australian Prime Minister, Scott Morrison, asking him to answer a letter which I wrote to him on the 19/06/2019.

She appealed to him to be compassionate.

He still hasn’t answered either of us.

Roza’s public message to the probably outgoing Prime Minister Morrison now is this: “Scott Morrison, why haven’t you answered my letter? People get damaged when people like you don’t do their jobs.”

Thank you, Roza.

You are a true friend.

Geoff Fox, 20th May,2022, Terra Nullius