There Is More Than One Lolita In This World

Those of us who, as libertarians, believe passionately in freedom, usually believe in freedom as the equal human right of all people.

In sexual issues, it is relatively easy to say that consenting adults should be able to do what they like in private.

But when it comes to teenagers, it is much harder to draw clear lines.

When do they become fully adult with adult rights to autonomous sexual choices?

IMHO not at puberty, even though that is when, as I understand it, the physical capacity for sexual functioning begins.

At 16?

At 18?

At 21? Or even older? In 2013 reported:

” ‘The idea that suddenly at 18 you’re an adult just doesn’t quite ring true,’ says child psychologist Laverne Antrobus, who works at London’s Tavistock Clinic. ‘My experience of young people is that they still need quite a considerable amount of support and help beyond that age.’ Child psychologists are being given a new directive which is that the age range they work with is increasing from 0-18 to 0-25.”

A 44 year old man in Florida, whom I will only identify by one initial “M”, since I believe he faces a horrible time in getting the presumption of innocence, has been arrested in Florida, as I understand it for shooting into a room in which he believed there was a 44 year old man who had been naked in bed with M’s teenage daughter.

If this girl was 13 years old, then I am inclined to be very sympathetic to M’s rage. Much less so, if she was 19. Yet in both cases the word pedophilia might be used.

Knowing what to do with teenage sexuality, in a world where online porn is free, is not easy.

When the 1981 production of Lolita ran on Broadway it had 31 previews but closed after 12 performances. Donald Sutherland starred with 24 year old Flanche Baker. (both pictured above)

When director Stanley Kubrik made his film Lolita (in 1962), the actress, sue Lyon, who played the title role was 14 years old.

Actress Sue Lyon starring as Lolita in Kubrik’s 1962 film.

Clearly one of the most abominable crimes one human being can commit against another is non consensual sex (i.e. rape) of a pre pubescent child.

Any rape is bad, but but rape of kids incapable of sexual response is possibly the worst imaginable. Lock him up (or sometimes her) and throw away the key is a pretty understandable response.

But consensual sex with a teen in his or her late teens is not so easy to automatically condemn and punish as hard. Yet both can be described by the one word “pedophilia.”

Sometimes words fail us.

Parents have a right and responsibility to protect their children.

Completely stifling all adolescent sexuality is going to often amount to counter-productive repression. but adolescence takes along time and the last thing any society should do is make parenting even harder by expecting parents to protect their kids but condemning them if they make the wrong call under enormous stress.

I think it is extremely difficult to say when parental rights finish and adult rights of adolescent children begin.

Geoff Fox, former Registered Midwife, 10th March, 2023, Down Under

Police State Crits # 15a Shane Andrew Patton

Hypocrite-In-Chief, Shane Andrew Patton, a.k.a. Chief Commissioner of Victoria Police, says that he wants all police guilty of misconduct out of his police force.

Is the police officer who sexually assaulted me in Swanston St, Melbourne, on 9/11 last year, after police had removed me from peaceful prayerful communion with an aboriginal man in the forecourt of St Paul’s cathedral, still a police officer?

The right hand holds up my clothes. Part of the other hand goes inside my underpants between my buttocks. I have never been more sexually degraded in my life.

All is not well in the police state of Victoria.

May the good Lord protect the people of Victoria from criminal injustice.

The police force doesn’t.

Far too often, they are the criminals.

Geoff Fox, 5th March, 2023, Down Under

Women For Freedom #22 Dinah Shore

Dinah Shore was born 107 years ago today, on the 29th of February, 1916.

She evoked the excitement of nights spent doing new things till dawn.

But her career sat way outside the modern era of graphic pornography available to anyone of any age who lives in a free country and knows how to use an online device.

Honest, restrained adult sexuality was very much a part of her work as proved by lyrics like:

“I could have danced all night/and still have begged for more.

I could have spread my wings/And done a thousand things/I’d never done before.”

God Bless Freedom

Geoff Fox, 1st March, 2023, Down Under

Women For Freedom #17 Clara Bow

The Greatest Generation grew up in Pre-Code freedom and then changed the world, defeating totalitarian fascist thugs.

The modern internet-fueled almost ubiquitous availability of hardcore porn has changed how sexuality enters many peoples lives.

Some but not all earlier times were straight-laced and sexless.

In 1927, Clara Bow became famous as a vivacious, arousing “It girl” in the movie “IT”, released 96 years ago today.

My American cinephile friend writes that British novelist and screenwriter Elinor Glyn had “………  really made the term widely used by the public in the USA and the British Empire, especially. Her books and the movies made from them, were thought to be SHOCKING; however, they were extremely popular.

“IT GIRLS” were not only “sexy”, but had great personalities, were bubbly and very outgoing and could make all men fall for them. “IT” was supposedly a special something, akin to flypaper.”

Colorado journalist Erin Blakemore writes in “………. what makes “IT” just as interesting as 50 Shades is the movie’s emphasis on women looking, wanting, and acting with sexual freedom.”

Elinor Glyn herself wrote this about “It”:

“ ‘IT’ is that quality possessed by some few persons which draws all others with its magnetic life force. With it you will win all men if you are a woman—and all women if you are a man. ………. To have “It”, the fortunate possessor must have that strange magnetism which attracts both sexes. He or she must be entirely unselfconscious and full of self-confidence ……..”

Clara Bow works her magic on William Austin in “IT” with words from Elinor Glyn.

God Bless Freedom where we figure out how to be true to ourselves including learning from other eras where pornographic excesses were much harder to find.

And God Bless Clara Bow.

Isn’t she wonderful?

Geoff Fox 19th February, 2023, Down Under