Women Against Freedom #1 Jane Fonda

Hollywood legend Jane Fonda appears to have advocated the murder of people who disagree with her about termination of pregnancy.

She held a straight face.

She did not smile or laugh.

She emphatically repeated the suggestion when asked.

Is it the actor at fault here or the script?

Jane Fonda must explain why she said what she said.

To me it seems obvious that she now deserves to be condemned and punished for hate speech advocating extreme violence.

This is what it looks like when a beautiful woman turns truly bad:

seriously sad,

Geoff Fox, 15th March, 2023, Down Under

Police State Crits # 15a Shane Andrew Patton

Hypocrite-In-Chief, Shane Andrew Patton, a.k.a. Chief Commissioner of Victoria Police, says that he wants all police guilty of misconduct out of his police force.

Is the police officer who sexually assaulted me in Swanston St, Melbourne, on 9/11 last year, after police had removed me from peaceful prayerful communion with an aboriginal man in the forecourt of St Paul’s cathedral, still a police officer?

The right hand holds up my clothes. Part of the other hand goes inside my underpants between my buttocks. I have never been more sexually degraded in my life.

All is not well in the police state of Victoria.

May the good Lord protect the people of Victoria from criminal injustice.

The police force doesn’t.

Far too often, they are the criminals.

Geoff Fox, 5th March, 2023, Down Under


I was sitting on the pavement this evening, in Melbourne, with my hat upturned in front of me and a few cultural messages to spread, when a young guy named Benny sat next to me informing me that I was wearing an amazing Wu-Tang jacket.

I had no idea what Wu-Tang meant, so I looked them up online to find out why that was important to Benny.

Then I wrote this rap.:

“I got caught short and lost in rorts,

cos dumb cops thought my brain was nought.

But the joke’s on them cos I’m showing men

and women too that I stick true

to justice!

They’d bust us,

but trust this please,

all women and men,

I will win!

I will win!”

Thanks Benny.

My first day in court, for upsetting the police by standing up for an Aboriginal guy, is next Friday.

Geoff Fox, 4th February, 2023, Down Under

Attention King Charles #4 – Police State Dangers To Your Realm

Dear King Charles,

Perhaps few people understand as well as you do, just how hard it is for the traditional values of family, church and state to survive unchanged in this w0rld.

I fully understand that you are not a monarch who directly rules the people.

Like your mother, you are a monarch who serves the people both symbolically and in assenting to decisions of parliament which can be discussed with you.

I understand that, in the normal course of events, I should discuss problems I encounter in society with democratically elected people’s representatives before writing to you.

But my attempts to find those discussions, when my human rights were trashed by police and the courts in Melbourne, Australia in 2016, were so miserably unsuccessful that I flew to Indonesia in 2019 and renounced Australian citizenship, hoping to get a better life in Java.

I was returned to Australia from Indonesia against my will, but have never withdrawn that renunciation.

On 9/11 last year, outside St Paul’s Cathedral in Melbourne, I was physically and sexually assaulted by Victoria Police as a result of standing up for the human rights of an Aboriginal man. Now police are taking me to court, as if I were a criminal, despite the fact that the only independent witness said that I did nothing wrong.

Following the Augustinian idea that “Unjust law is not law at all.” and the Ghandian commitment to Satyagraha, “holding firmly to truth”, which Ghandi developed in an earlier era in your realm, I now reject the legal authority of both Victoria Police and Melbourne Magistrates Court, because of their moral failure to deliver justice.

This failure is not only true of what happened to me in 2016, it is true of what was done by them to Cardinal George Pell. From 2016 to 2019, Victoria Police trashed Pell’s rights and used Victorian courts against Pell, including Melbourne Magistrate’s Court.

The Cardinal was thrown into jail for 406 days, when what he had done, beyond reasonable doubt, was to conduct a mass.

Yesterday a Man Of God, a man who understands Christian life and political life, said to me that the treatment of Cardinal George Pell was a “modern inquisition tarted up to be something else.”

King Charles, if your realm, of both the Anglican Church and the British Commonwealth Of Nations, is to be a civil, democratic realm, where human rights are respected and not trashed, then I believe you have a crucial role, even if it is a politically symbolic role, to play now in speaking up for human rights, for democracy and for freedom.

Immoral injustice implies no rule of real law in this part of your realm.

I await your response.


Telling my story,

Geoff Fox, 23rd January, 2023, Melbourne, Australia

Police State Crits #12 A Victim Of Police Stands Up Strong

Aussie country singer, Wonni Slim, pictured above, doesn’t just stand up against the Victorian police state with his song “Roll Out The Rubber Bullets”.

He is on the front lines outside Parliament House speaking the truth as often as he can:

The young police officer, whose out of control unaccountability Wonni mentions in the above clip, has already admitted his guilt with his face:

When the bad cops get away with deliberate crimes or inexperienced cops make mistakes and commit crimes against the public, then life is harder for everyone except those who benefit from dangerous government and police overreach.

God Bless Wonni Slim.

God Bless Freedom.

Geoff Fox, 4th December, 2022, Down Under

We Must Say NO to Daniel Michael Andrews #1 OXI

Out of the glorious democratic culture of Greece, courageous people in Victoria are rising up against the Socialist Left tyranny of Premier Daniel Michael Andrews.

In 1940, the Greek Prime Minister created the national legend of saying “Oxi” or “No” to tyrants like Mussolini. This story is now now celebrated in Greece with a holiday on October 28th every year.

Now in Melbourne, proud freedom fighting Greek democrats and many other people are standing up to say, “No” to Premier Daniel Michael Andrews.

These are not fake, synthetic career politicians telling lies to get votes.

These are people standing up for parental, human and democratic rights against a government which uses bullets, jail and police (even including one physical and sexual assault at the entrance to a cathedral) against those of us who stand up for our rights.

Who will stay the course and who will join us?

Geoff Fox, October 17, 2022, Melbourne, Down Under


Mel was working as a Registered Nurse in the police state of Victoria until dictatorial government tried to use vaccine mandates in an attempt to compel her to take a medication she did not trust or lose her job.

The tyrants didn’t scare her. In three decades as a midwife I met few women with as much glorious strength, courage and determination as Mel. (Praticing Midwifery involved constant contact with lots of wonderful strong women.)

Mel chose to stand up for what I believe should almost always be a sacred and inviolable principle in health care – the right to give informed consent and never be compelled to have any health treatment.

Mel is a hero for opposing evil governments and standing up for what is right .

Freedom truth and courage always beat tyranny.

And Mel looks unbeatable to me.

Daniel Michael Andrews, there are some people in this state who want the laws to be changed retrospectively so that capital punishment can be reintroduced just for you. I wouldn’t go quite that far in my own desire to see you brought to justice. But I share their passion to see the end of your vicious, evil government.

Its time for you to be a real man for a change, ‘fess up and get out of the way of freedom and decency in Victoria.

God Bless Freedom And All The Freedom Fighters

Geoff Fox (former midwife turned dissident freedom fighter)

25th June, 2022, Terra Nullius

An Australian Historical Record #1 Murphy and Renouf

Australian veteran John Murphy (pictured standing guard today for freedom on the battlefield streets of Melbourne) has paid me the huge compliment of describing what I do as being one part of compiling “Australia’s Historical Record.”

John sees Victoria Police as key allies to get involved in the fight for freedom against government tyranny.

Against their own bosses.

As things stand that wont be easy. All of the issues involved are complex and difficult, but the basic questions underlying what we face are very, very simple.

For instance:

To judge by their faces alone, both the guys above MIGHT be agreed that police fulfilment of their responsibility for bringing corrupt criminals in government to justice is what needs to happen.

Making it happen will need all the strength and power that good police officers and devout patriots can muster. Men and women like John Murphy and freedom singer Tim Renouf can bring real Aussie-bred-toughness to the job. (Tim is pictured below giving the people a tune for free speech in Melbourne’s troubled streets today):

May God help us find ourselves again and thereby set Australia free.

Geoff Fox, 4th June, 2022, Down Under

The Pell Case#1 Craig Kelly Speaks

United Australia Party leader Craig Kelly in Melbourne speaking about the legal case of Cardinal George Pell.

Yesterday, at a barbecue in inner suburban Melbourne, I expressed my concern to Mr Craig Kelly, the national leader of the United Australia political party about the implications for Australia of the treatment of Cardinal George Pell.

Almost immediately, Mr Kelly took the time, when about a hundred other people were waiting to greet him, to give me this response.

I commend him for speaking up honestly for justice for all when so many other leaders are silent on this issue.

Geoff Fox, 9th April, 2022, Australia