Women Against Freedom #1 Jane Fonda

Hollywood legend Jane Fonda appears to have advocated the murder of people who disagree with her about termination of pregnancy.

She held a straight face.

She did not smile or laugh.

She emphatically repeated the suggestion when asked.

Is it the actor at fault here or the script?

Jane Fonda must explain why she said what she said.

To me it seems obvious that she now deserves to be condemned and punished for hate speech advocating extreme violence.

This is what it looks like when a beautiful woman turns truly bad:

seriously sad,

Geoff Fox, 15th March, 2023, Down Under

International Women’s Day – Mothers Are Beautiful

I can think of no better way to celebrate International Women’s Day, the 8th of March, than in focusing on God’s genius in creating men and women and sex in God’s image – creative, beautiful and with the power to build communion through life.

That is what normal family life starts with – it brings men and women together and, in healthy societies, that leads to families, which are the building blocks for human success.

Some feminist people see what women and men should do differently, with more of a focus on their lives as single people, but I was a Registered Midwife for a quarter of a century and the inanities of most third wave feminists are not going to convince me that women are victims who cannot ever look after themselves.

Claire Trevor, 3 husbands, 1 child, 1 Oscar (from 3 nominations), 1 Emmy, d.o.b. 8th March, 1910

Women as mothers are usually glorious, captivating, loving and good.

Actress Karen Morley. She was Poppy in the original Scarface in 1932. Deceased 8th March, 2003.

What women do in life and love is various and that manifestation of E Pluribus Unum strengthens us all.

Cyd Charisse, d.o.b. 8th March, 1922 In comparing Fred Astaire and Gene Kelly, she said “….. it’s like comparing apples and oranges. They’re both delicious.”

Cyd received a National Medal of Arts from George W Bush in 2006.

God Bless All Women But Especially The Mums.

Geoff Fox, 8th March, 2023, Down Under

Women For Freedom # 20 Elizabeth Taylor

Legendary actress Elizabeth Taylor was born on this day 101 years ago.

She loved men, quite a few of them: she got married 8 times to seven different guys (Richard Burton twice) and said that she only slept with men she married. (I view this as a fantastic line by a very beautiful actress. It might even be true.)

Taylor said both, “Marriage is a great institution.” and “I am a very committed wife. And I should be committed too – for being married so many times.”

Freed0m doesn’t always give us exactly what we want or believe that we need.

But Freedom is more likely to work for us than tyranny

God Bless Elizabeth Taylor.

And all seven of her husbands.

By and large, she loved them all.

Geoff Fox, 27th February, 2023, Down Under


In my childhood in the ’60’s, a few years before Seargent Peppers swept me up into its ear-candied Beatlemania, Shirley Temple was my favourite star.

As a little boy in Australia, I believed she was my friend.

She had three fulltime careers in her lifetime:

1. Movie Star

2. Wife and Mother


3 Diplomat

And today, on the 9th anniversary of her death, I call her an Indigenous Woman Of The Anglosphere.

A Great American.

For all of my English Speaking World.

Geoff Fox, 10th February, 2023, Down Under

G.O.A.T. – Novak – A Triumph Of Clean Culture

Novak Djokovic was falsely imprisoned in a cheap hotel in Melbourne last year and excluded from the Australian Open because he refused to compromise on his right to bodily autonomy.

This year he returned in triumph and won. To me this is clearly because he is culturally clean.

Owing to the generosity of a Serbian community leader, I was able to watch this glorious achievement among beautiful Serbian people who idolise their hero.

They live clean in loving families who have fun together.

What a lesson.

Geoff Fox, 29th January, 2023, Down Under

Huck Finn Week – Day 4 – Dusty’s “Coming Down” And Beautiful White Angel Thalia With Her Dad

In the following instrumental, “Coming Down”, Australian Country Music singer-songwriter Dusty Starr plays guitar in a way that reminds me a little or a lot of Elmore James and Willie Nelson and Robbie Robertson rolled into one.

A laidback, easy going auditory heaven.

To try to capture the feel of this music in words, I have transcreated into objectified, slightly more modern English parts of runaway slave Jim’s hair-ball fortune-telling speech to Huck at the end of the fourth chapter in The Adventures Of Huckleberry Finn.

Huck was scared but Jim said,

Your dad dont know what he will do, so rest easy in letting him go his own way.

He’s got two angels ….. one white ….. one black.

The white one’s the right one, but the black one can sail in and bust it all up.”

That story was set in antebellum America of the 1840’s. Huck had a very troubled relationship with his drunk, violent father.

In the current year of the 2020’s, a beautiful white angel who has appeared in Melbourne, is Thalia looking safe and secure standing up for freedom with her dad on the recent Mission To Melbourne, when decent country people like Thalia and Dan brought new life and hope to Melbourne’s freedom movement.

Thalia and Dan.

You can’t stop human progress when traditions like honesty, good will, family and friendship remain solid and sound: this was as true in Mark Twain’s classic, as it is in Melbourne now.

Praise The Lord.

Geoff Fox, 8th December, 2022, Down Under

Couples For Freedom #1 Chloe and Mike

Gardener philosopher Mike and his partner Chloe both had caring jobs.

Chloe looked after old people and Mike looked after Mother Earth in the foodbowl of Victoria.

When they lost their jobs because they would not bow to tyranny, they lost their home.

Now they are both freedom fighters.

They are pure, righteous and strong, and freer than ever.

God Bless Freedom.

God Bless Mike and Chloe.

Geoff Fox, 10/10/2022, Down Under in Hellbourne

Aussie Freedom Fighters #11 Javin – Call For Solidarity

Javin’s dad is a king of the Taggers.

So Javin is a prince in more ways than one.

Like many others he is a victim of terrifying oppression and denial of basic rights in the police state of Victoria.

But Javin speaks up and calls on others to join him.

God Bless Freedom

Geoff Fox, 7th October, 2022, Down Under