Speaking Truth To Power


                                    – Robert Bly, born 23rd December, 1926

Dear Mike Baird, Susan Ferrier, Rachel Slade and Mary Scoutas

I cannot accept your collective refusal to take up my offer to talk with you.

This is about more than money.

It is about civilised humanity. (I believe that being both a midwife and an Indonesianist over three decades has taught me more about truly civilised humanity than most people, especially Australian people, ever have the privilege to know.)

This is also about the fundamental right to freedom of speech – in this case the right to seek, receive and impart information and ideas.

This is the right to communication which your bank’s negligence ignored in my case in the middle of the year. To your credit, you have apologised for that, but then perpetuated your failure to communicate by rejecting my offer to talk.

My father faced Japanese bullets for this and other rights in July 1945 and I will not betray that legacy.

I have wanted to celebrate freedom and our humanity with you.

You can. This is about what we allow ourselves to be and to grow into.

You cant know how to deal with me now, if you wont talk with me.

Not everyone dedicates themselves as I have to a life that springs from poetry. It doesnt lead to money but to unique skills with words. As Robert Bly wrote: “I have spent many years trying to recover a common language, one that can cross the distance between people.

Real human communication and trust are indeed more than money.

I give you a choice: you CAN talk with me.

Or you can cancel my account with you and make me homeless.

Its up to you.

Geoff Fox, 23 December, 2019, from Maribyrnong, in Victoria, a part of Terra Nullius.

Margaret Mead

Margaret Mead: “Children must be taught how to think, not what to think. “

It’s the difference between freedom and indoctrination.” – Tim Goldich


I was a midwife for 31 years, but modern feminist tyranny in Maribyrnong, Victoria, has turned me into an MRA, a men’s rights activist.

So I love and celebrate the humanity of Margaret Mead who was born on this day in 1901.

Mead observed that, “There is no greater insight into the future than recognizing when we save our children, we save ourselves ………” and “………. when women disengage completely from their traditional role they become more ruthless and savage than men.”

What does this mean for women and for the rest of us when fewer women become mothers?

Lady MacBeth. And her husband. From Shakespeare. How long has this been going on?

Geoff Fox, Terra Nullius, December 16, 2019

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Human Rights Trashed in Terra Nullius.

Too many Australians dont know what it is to be human anymore. Or maybe that is not so new. The continent was once called Terra Nullius (Nobody’s Land) so that colonisers could ignore the indigenous inhabitants and claim ownership for their own nation.

Many people in Australia believe Australia has a good human rights record, but, so far, not a single one of them from the Prime Minister down has been willing to say publicly and openly for me on this blog that what happened to me was wrong: in 2016 when I wanted to celebrate human rights in Australia, my own human rights were trashed.

So I renounced my citizenship and sought asylum in Indonesia, a nation built on civilised humanity.

After two weeks of sanctuary in a tertiary level madrassah and three months in Immigration Detention, I was deported back to Australia against my will.

I might become homeless this Australian summer.

But I wont back down: I stand on and I speak up for my right to be free.

For freedom of speech.

For the integrity of representative democracy.

For the right to self-determination.

Geoff Fox, Human Rights Day, 2019, Terra Nullius

To My Bankers: Please Talk With Me

To My Bankers

Dear Mike, Susan, Rachel, Mary and Alice

As I hope you all know, I am an Australian born artist who has created art displays at places important to four heads of national governments in the fourth biggest country in the world.

As I understand it, last month your bank came close to cancelling my mortgage and that would have set me on the path to homelessness and that course of action by you is still possible this month.

As I have outlined to you, I think there are better things you can do.

You have a choice.

If you want, you can lock yourselves in to making me homeless.

Or, can you sit and talk with me?

Why have you refused to discuss my ideas?

Geoff  Fox, Pearl Harbour Day, 2019, Terra Nullius.

Calling Out Tanya Pilbersek on Misandry and Freedom of Speech

Tanya Pilbersek, today is your 50th birthday and the 65th anniversary of the censure of Joseph McCarthy by the US Senate.

Today I remind you of the great words of one of the pioneers of the long campaign to bring McCarthy under control. On June 1st 1950 Senator Margaret Smith of Maine said to the Senate: “Freedom of speech is not what it used to be in America.  It has been so abused by some that it is not exercised by others.”

Senator Smith took a courageous stand against what she called “hate and character assassination”

Today I ask you, Tanya Pilbersek, to repudiate the misandry of #metoo and White Ribbon Day which has created a climate of fear where an elected people’s representative of your political party can use the police against freedom of speech and not be held to account.

I call on you to unequivocally reject the sexist campaign to end violence against women. This is a gross affront to all male victims of violence.

Today, on the day of your birth, I, writing as a former midwife of 3 decades standing, ask you to remember all mothers and recant your politically motivated opposition to Tony Abbott’s sadly ill fated but ground breaking proposal for a more generous paid parental leave scheme.

Mr Abbott wanted to tax the biggest companies in Australia to give all mothers 6 months 100% income replacement for income up to $150,00 a year.

You said that this showed his “lack of respect” for women.

The truth is that you showed your lack of respect for mothers.

Shame on you.

Geoff Fox, Terra Nullius, 2nd December, 2019

Abe Lincoln: A Civil War Xmas

On the first of December 1862, with his country torn apart in Civil War, President Abraham Lincoln told America, “In giving freedom to the slave we assure freedom to the free—honorable alike in what we give and what we preserve.”

On Christmas Day that year Lincoln visited soldiers in hospitals. Then the president commissioned artist Thomas Nash to create the first modern image of Santa Claus, in the cause of freedom.

What a wonderful Christmas spirit that was: visiting those wounded in a righteous cause and creating art celebrating generosity.

In the modern world, freedom is under constant threat.

Why cant we give freedom to each other anymore?

Why cant we even communicate?

Geoff Fox, Terra Nullius, December 1st, 2019