Aussie Freedom Fighters #8 Three Doctors

The words added to these photos are my interpretation of what these three persecuted doctors bring to the desperately needed but horribly marginalised fight for freedom.

Mark Hobart:

Duncan Syme:

Jeyanthi Kunadhasan:

Geoff Fox, former midwife, 30th August , 2022, Terra Nullius

Arma Virumque Se Cano #1 A Melted Man

I sing of weapons, and of myself as a man.

Of what I have felt done to me.

In this land where, as Steve of Wonni tells it, ” ……… men have been decommissioned of traditional roles. ……. (Some people) want us to be demonised as non accepting, small minded , woman-bashing shits.”

That isn’t what we are.

It is demonisation.

It is misandry.

And that is not what any human needs.

Geoff Fox, 18th August, 2022, Terra Nullius (the original photos in this post were taken by Simon …. the words are added by me)

Aussie Freedom Freedom Fighters #7 Pauline

The sophistication and complexity of our intellectual communication separates us from most other species, as far as I know.

All we mortal human beings usually seem to need to speak our truths as best we can.

That’s why freedom of speech is so important to us.

That freedom includes both speaking and being heard.

But absolute certainties reside with God.

Godless tyrants now frequently destroy what’s best in themselves and too many innocent victims.

Geoff Fox, 14th August, 2022, Down Under

Women For Freedom # 10 Mel

Registered Nurse Mel is one of Melbourne’s many beautiful dinki-di Australian freedom fighters.

On the 112th anniversary of the death of Florence Nightingale, Mel speaks up loud and clear for truth and freedom in health care.

Against bureaucratic political tyranny which trashes the relationships of trust which Florence Nightingale insisted are crucial to health care.

God bless freedom, truth and Mel.

Geoff Fox, August 13, 2022 Down Under

Women For Freedom #9 Pauline

Modern gender bigotry hurts and separates both men and women in oceans of inhumane distrust and fear. 3 decades as a midwife taught me how far from real human good this dystopian nightmare is.

Central Melbourne freedom fighter and life long nurse Pauline explains what we need to understand to heal from this disease:

“Women are sacred and possess this incredible super power to grow and carry life. Men are important too, and the current BS is making men and women forget how incredibly unique and special we all are, as men and women.”

Pauline and Freedom Fighter Protector Glen on Melbourne’s streets.

Geoff Fox, 8th August, 2022, Down Under

Aussie Freedom Fighters #6 Morgan C Jonas

In this post, I describe how i see the strength of Morgan C Jonas in the fight to restore freedom in in the increasingly over policed fiefdom of Daniel Michael Andrews, the Victorian Premier who is no better than a common criminal in my life and millions of others.

Morgan is the primary founder and leader of the Freedom Party which is aiming for the balance of power in the upper house in the upcoming November election and is running a previous Liberal MP from Brisbane against Daniel Andrews.

With men like Morgan in politics, Australia has hope.

Geoff Fox, 7th August, 2022, Down Under

NB The words added to this image of Morgan are mine.


Victoria’s Socialist Left tyrant, Premier Daniel Michael Andrews, is way ahead in the polls now, but, if the people wake up, they will vote him out in November.

This spontaneous amateur dark snippet of a rap is the beginning of an attempt to craft that wake-up call. Its an attempt to start something not a finished solution to what ails Australia. I will need lots of help to create that.

Click above to play.

Geoff Fox, 31st July, 2022, Terra Nullius