Australian Police Taser 95 Year Old Woman Using A Walking Frame. She Dies. UPDATE: Her Assailant Not Yet Charged With MURDER Or MANSLAUGHTER.

I live in Australia. To get precise information about the death of a 95 year old woman who appears to be the victim of either murder or manslaughter by police here, I have to go to CNN.

Here is the key info I have gained from a recent CNN report, WHICH I CONSIDER GIVES THE BEST SUMMARY WHICH I HAVE SEEN SO FAR OF PERTINENT FACTS :

“Last week, NSW Police Force Assistant Commissioner Peter Cotter told reporters that police were called to Nowland’s care home in the town of Cooma, New South Wales, around 4:15 a.m. to reports of a resident with a knife.

“At the time she was tasered, she was approaching police. It is fair to say at a slow pace. She had a walking frame. But she had a knife,” Cotter told reporters on Friday.

Video of the incident was captured by two police body cameras but the footage hasn’t been publicly released.

NSW police guidelines say that tasers should only used on elderly or disabled people in “exceptional circumstances.”

Family friend Andrew Thaler said before the incident Nowland was frail and unable to stand unaided. She weighed just 43 kilograms (95 pounds) and was 5-foot-2 (1.58 meters) tall and was suffering dementia.”

Disclosure about myself:

I turned 66 years old last Tuesday.

Last year I was physically assaulted three times by police on the streets of Melbourne. On the third occasion I was both physically and sexually assaulted. (groped – see image above.)

Police who attacked me are putting me on trial.

This is a horrible country to be old in, if police decide they have the right to ignore your rights and attack you.

Just getting a fair hearing is almost impossible.

And why does CNN say what needs to be said better than the Australian media?

Geoff Fox, 26th May, 2023, Australia

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