Australian Police Taser 95 Year Old Woman Using A Walking Frame. She Dies.

Attacking the vulnerable and elderly and trashing human rights is what police in Australia do best. I have personally witnessed or been the victim of half a dozen police assaults on the innocent in Melbourne.

A 95 year old woman tasered by police in aged care in New South Wales has died from the injuries which included a fractured skull.

The New South Wales police officer faces three charges of assault. Recklessly causing grievous bodily harm. Assault occasioning actual bodily harm. Common assault. Will these charges be upgraded to murder?

In Victoria, police put their victims on trial.

It happened to Cardinal George Pell. He conducted a mass. That was proven beyond reasonable doubt. “Operation Tethering” lead to his conviction and wrongful imprisonment for 404 days.

A police officers fingers go inside my underpants after they pulled me out of prayer at a church.

They are putting me on trial.

This nation is no longer a civilised country.

Geoff Fox, 26th May, 2023, Down Under

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