Facing Suicide #2 Inger Stevens And Gia Scala

Suicide is a problem we do not discuss so it makes it harder to solve.

Two successful Hollywood actresses died by suicide on April 30 in the early seventies: Inger Stevens (pictured below) in 1970 and Gia Scala (pictured above) in 1972 at 38 years of age.

Two stars.


But lonely.

Stevens co-starred opposite Bing Crosby, Harry Belafonte, Walter Matthau, Clint Eastwood, Dean Martin, Robert Mitchum and Henry Fonda. She won a Golden Globe and was nominated for two Emmys.

She was 35 when she died in an ambulance from a barbiturate overdose.

She was a star but said, “Sometimes I get so lonely I could scream.”

She wanted to quit Hollywood and work full-time looking after retarded kids

Such a waste.

Geoff Fox, 30th April, 2023, Down Under.

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