The Dangerous Sexist Immorality Of The Daniels-Bragg Attack On Donald Trump

The Daniels-Bragg attack on President Donald Trump is an attack on truth, on justice, on men, on family and on democracy.

What is happening with Trump’s indictment in New York is the tip of an iceberg.

It is dangerous.

The horrific injustices routinely faced by men lead to male suicide rates three to four times the female suicide rates across the Western World.

In 2017, I began writing about a 2016 legal attack on my rights by police to “protect” a female politician from my lobbying for World War Two memorial tree plantings.

The police attack caused me deep suffering from suicidal ideation. But I was able to quote wise words from social commentator Bettina Arndt which still ring true today:

“We live in a time where women’s needs and women’s wants are given endless priority over men’s. We face a constant stream of propaganda demonising men and praising women.

Men are on a very short leash always in trouble for not doing enough. Everywhere we see puritanical women judging men.

Across the world the most extraordinary changes are occurring in the rule of law. The basic assumptions about being innocent until proven guilty are being discarded in order to shaft men.

A huge social betrayal rolls on. The effrontery of this industry is truly remarkable.”

God Bless Tina.

God Bless Donald Trump.

And may those who persecute so many of us be made to fully pay for their crimes and their sins.

Geoff Fox, 5th April, 2023, Down Under

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