Men for Freedom #1 Charlton Heston as Marc Antony

Today is the Ides Of March, the day on which Julius Caesar was assassinated 2,267 years ago. Initially the Roman people supported the assassins. In William Shakespeare’s version of the story, the immortal Friends Romans, Countrymen speech by Marc Antony turned public opinion against the plotters.

If the Brutus of that speech was an honourable man, then so is Joe Biden in his ice cream dreams.

The following is a slightly poeticised version of some libertarian thoughts of actor Charlton Heston, who played Marc Antony in the 1950 film, Julius Caesar:

The pulsing lifeblood / of liberty’s inside us: / our cultures sacred birthright:

to think and say out loud / what is in our hearts.”

God Bless Freedom

Geoff Fox, 15th March, 2023

(The above piece of Word Art is a “Photo by Chalmers Butterfield” with words added by Geoff Fox and is published under A Creative Commons  Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 Unported licence.)

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