Police State Crits # 15a Shane Andrew Patton

Hypocrite-In-Chief, Shane Andrew Patton, a.k.a. Chief Commissioner of Victoria Police, says that he wants all police guilty of misconduct out of his police force.

Is the police officer who sexually assaulted me in Swanston St, Melbourne, on 9/11 last year, after police had removed me from peaceful prayerful communion with an aboriginal man in the forecourt of St Paul’s cathedral, still a police officer?

The right hand holds up my clothes. Part of the other hand goes inside my underpants between my buttocks. I have never been more sexually degraded in my life.

All is not well in the police state of Victoria.

May the good Lord protect the people of Victoria from criminal injustice.

The police force doesn’t.

Far too often, they are the criminals.

Geoff Fox, 5th March, 2023, Down Under

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