Freedom Works #2 Annika Ledet And My Living In The Word

I photographed analogue photographer Annika Ledet from Sydney at the First Nations rally in Melbourne last week on January 26.

On the love, matilda art website it is written that: “Annika’s passion for photography started when she re-defined her notion of photography as a magical form of nonverbal communication ……… Annika has utilised photography as a way to overcome the barriers of connection experienced by two strangers. She believes that the most powerful photographs demonstrate a relationship existing between the photographer and their subject, this belief is greatly instilled in Annika’s works.”

For me, in my Word Art, the communication more fully happens when I add words to photos. I call this living in The Word by which I mean Logos or Rationality, Discourse and God.

My words in response to Annika Ledet.

So, for me, the personal in art becomes spiritual – sometimes.

Geoff Fox, 31st January, 2023, Down Under

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