Police State Crits #9 Victoria Police Assault Freedom Protestors.

At last Saturday’s Freedom protest in Melbourne, I believe that two police officers lost emotional control in front of passionate freedom protestors and assaulted them.

The first police officer to, in my honest opinion, assault a citizen threw a number of punches at one man until the man subdued him with a headlock.

Then another police officer, identity number 46895, started wildly pepper spraying anyone nearby.

I believe that that second police officer is the final officer in this little film of mine which I shot about ten or twenty minutes after these criminal assaults on innocent citizens and on democracy.

As you can clearly see his face is full of shame and regret when the results of the suffering caused by his criminal violence are in front of him for everyone to see.

One of the people whom I believe was assaulted with pepper spray by this man is the wonderful singer songwriter Wonni Slim.

In discussing Saturday’s events, a brilliant insight shared with me by Wonni Slim is: “The difference between a good cop and a thug is one bad command.”

I do not believe there is any command that can excuse the lack of control and thuggery on the steps of Victoria’s Parliament House by Victoria Police officer number 46895.

However there does need to be a criminal investigation into what commends were given to this man that day as well as a criminal investigation into what this police officer did.

No police officer should be above the law.

But the thuggery of Victoria Police is out of control.

No civilised nation can survive as a civilised nation if it is not civil to its own people.

Geoff Fox, 14th November, 2022, Down Under

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