Blue Environmentalists #1 Ralph Babet

Blue is the colour of the clear sky and of oceans.

In Australia, blue has been a traditional colour of conservatives as opposed to Austtralian Labor Party’s more leftist red.

Senator Ralph Babet describes himself an “actual environmmentalist”.

My discussions with him over the just completed weekend, have lead me to suggesting he can be described as a Blue Environmentalist.

Senator Babet believes in love of God’s creation and human responsibility for stewardship of creation.

He thinks that supporting the establishment of new national parks is a good thing for his political party to do.

He agrees with my idea that conservatives are very well suited to being the best conservationists. As Ron Paul defined it, conservatives conserve what is good.

Senator Babet’s conservationist side gives me hope that my dream of a National Park starting at the vacant explosives factory site in Maribyrnong and maybe reaching all the way along the wildlife corridor that goes up into the Macedon Ranges might one day become more than just an old man’s fantasy.

Geoff Fox, 24th October, 2022, Australia

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