Open Letter To Andreas Loewe: Please Talk With Me And Our Uncle Glenn


Existing below the supreme power of God, not all powers on our earth are equal.

In Western societies, justice systems are failing the people again and again and again.

Sharing my friendship with Al Godfrey with you was one of the highlights of my artistic endeavours for Australia in Indonesia.

Myself in Morotai, Indonesia with an image of Al Godfrey.

We should have followed through on the spirit of international friendship in what we did with Al. Instead I have suffered terrible denial of my rights by police who appear to have been at your cathedral.

I have just submitted this human rights complaint to Victorian Equal Opportunity And Human Rights Commissioner Ro Allen.

“Ro Allen,

with a heavy heart, I name the Dean of St Paul’s Cathedral, Jost Andreas Loewe, as a respondent in this human rights complaint relating to the nature of his Cathedral’s relationship with Victoria Police and insensitivity and failure to properly address issues raised by me with him.

I do this under the Charter of Human Rights and Responsibilities Act 2006 both both section 10 B  (A person must not treated or punished in a cruel, inhuman or degrading way) and Section15.2 (Every person has the right to freedom of expression which includes the freedom to seek, receive and impart information and ideas of all kinds, whether within or outside Victoria and whether— (a) orally; or (b) in writing; or (c) in print;)

and also Sections

12 Right to freedom of movement 

Section 12 – Your right to freedom of movementUnder section 12 of the Charter of Human Rights and Responsibilities, every person who is lawfully in Victoria h…

14 Right to freedom of thought, conscience and belief

16 Right to peaceful assembly and freedom of association

18 Right to take part in public life

19 Right to protection of cultural rights

21 Right to liberty and security of person

Geoff Fox”

Dean, in this matter I look to a higher power than any western pretense of justice in the Police State of Victoria to resolve what’s gone wrong between you and me: Associate Professor Uncle Glenn Loughrey’s unique combination of ancient and modern knowledge may be the mediator you and I need.

While Uncle Glenn does not profess to have all the answers to everything, he is willing to listen.

Dean, will you talk with me and Uncle Glenn, just the three of us, and see if we can resolve the differences we have in accordance with an ancient culture which is probably much better attuned to human needs than anything which owes its origins to the pernicious lies and still pervasive methodology of the doctrine of Terra Nullius?

Dean, can you and I try to do this The Aboriginal Way?

Geoff Fox, proud son of “Rick” Fox and proud grandson of Clarissa Fox (nee Howard), who just might have been the granddaughter of Johnny Mullagh, or one of his teammates.

My paternal grandmother, Clarissa Fox.

22 September, 2022

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