I Will Tell My Story #5 Getting Closer to God

Poet John Keats died on this day 200 years ago in 1821.

He wrote: “Intelligences are atoms of perception — they know and they see and they are pure, in short they are God.”

Combining this with Tulsi Gabbard’s vision of Aloha for all gives me hope “because” as Gabbard has said, “as long as God exists, whose very essence is love, there is hope. And since God is eternal and will always exist, there will always be hope. God’s love is the light within each of our hearts, and it’s the answer to how we as a people, all children of God, no matter our background or our politics, can come together and heal our divides.

In this sad and mad, modern world, I find God in rationality, in discourse, in short, in Logos. In throwing up ideas with friends:

I feel closer to God whenever I can share discussion of God with people who care.

Out of the atoms of intelligence from God, good Social Contracts have a chance to grow.

Thank you, Graeme, Amanda, John and Tulsi.

Geoff Fox, 23rd February, 2021, Down Under

(revised February 22nd, 2023 with addition of Tulsi Gabbard quote and image)

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