I love America.
From Australia.

She is the light of freedom to me.

The country I was born in is still a penal colony by comparison.

It breaks ny heart to see what is happening now in the land of the brave and the home of the free.
What is happening just does not make sense.
When rationality disappears, good government and freedom are bound to die.

My friend, social commentator “Shelly” of San Diego, is a voice of reason.
Here is what she says about some recent insanity:

“I think black people have every right to be angry over George Floyd’s murder.
From what I could see in the video he was already handcuffed when the cop put his knee on his neck.
I’m not sure how a handcuffed man on the ground was a threat to a trained police officer accompanied by other police officers.

at said, the timing of these protests is just awful, with around 20,000 new C-19 cases being reported every day and no social distancing rules being observed at the protests.
Many protesters do not even wear masks.
This is not even going into the riots and looting.

Whether the rioters and looters give a fig about George Floyd or whether they are just
opportunistic young thugs of all races using the crowds as cover to commit the crimes they were going to commit anyway remains to be seen.
I did not know George Floyd personally but I doubt that is how he would wish to be remembered.

Did President Trump overreact when he locked himself in a bunker?

Doubtless the left-wing media will try to portray this as evidence of Trump’s “cowardice” but my guess is the Secret Service had reason to believe there was a credible threat to Trump’s life in that crowd.
In those circumstances keeping the President in a secure location is not cowardice but prudence.

Regardless if you love, hate, or are completely indifferent to Trump, the last thing America needs right now is an assassination attempt on top of all the chaos she is already experiencing.

President Trump and the Secret Service made the right call.”

Thank you, Shelly.

God Bless Rationality.
God Bless America.
God Save Us All.

Geoff Fox, Down Under, June 6, 2020
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