“Shelly” of San Diego writes:

“The virus and the shutdowns have hurt the American economy but the weaknesses were already there:


A. high national debt
B. over-reliance on imported goods,
C. bipartisan cronyism and corruption,

D. an overpriced medical system, etc.


If the virus hadn’t come along, some other external shock would have.


America, like ancient Rome, will be destroyed from within long before the actual enemy invasions begin.


I believe the dissolution of America is inevitable.


Pax Americana will end soon, if it hasn’t already.


The coronavirus reaching U.S. shores was like striking a match in a room packed with gunpowder.


Under most circumstances the amount of damage one spark could do would be limited but these are not normal circumstances.


“How can we turn back time and not strike that match?” is not the right question.


What we need to ask is:


“How did all this gunpowder get to be in the smoking room?”


– Shelly”


From Australia, I pray America can save herself.

Her freedom of speech gives her a chance.

Australia is not so lucky.

Down here  people just cannot identify problems clearly.

Geoff Fox, 20th May, 2020, Terra Nullius
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