The Death Of Bin Laden Chainsaw Massacre

Nine years ago today, Osama Bin Laden died.

Millennial commentator “Shelly” of San Diego writes this about what it took to take him down and what she wishes had happened:


America First.

But this means not spending American blood and treasure on foreign (mis)adventures when our roads have potholes and our public schools are failing.

What benefit did the average American get from the Iraq war?

From the Vietnam war?

We didn’t even need the Afghanistan war to take out bin Laden; the CIA and SEALs did that.

That’s how it should have been all along; a specialized operation to take out just bin Laden.

We used a chainsaw where a scalpel would have been better.

We did not need to wage a 19 year war.

When the war is older than some of your soldiers you’re doing something wrong.”

Thank you, Shelly.

God Bless America.

Geoff Fox, May 2nd, 2020, Down Under


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