We are finishing a decade where the Plegminists have won.

They spat their bile in numbers and men were just undone.

But if you try to catch them, not a chance: the evidence is gone.

Here is a list of lowlights, assembled with the help of a farflung team:

1. Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, who self-identifies as a feminist, asserted that we should “believe all allegations” of sexual misconduct. So much for the Presumption Of Innocence and Beyond Reasonable Doubt. A young Prime Minister threw out millenia of jurisprudence to prove to the world that he “respects women.”

2. Sherele Moody linked fire fighters – who risk their lives for communities faced with cataclysmic destruction – to alleged rises in domestic violence: Moody claimed: “Women become extremely unsafe when, generally, the men return home from the fires and subject them to domestic violence.”

3. Australian Senator Sarah Hanson Young angrily dismissed Senator David Leyonhjelm, her quiete-voiced anti big government libertarian critic of middle class welfare as “a middle aged white guy.” SHE also sued HIM for attacking her reputation.

4. When I patriotically wanted to plant memorial trees and share some art, the police arrested me and dragged me through hell. To protect an unaccountable woman elected to government from doing her job.

Queensland’s Stop Gender War activist who identifies as Knot Aman writes this about Feminism’s last ten years:

“The last decade has seen a corruption of the feminist movement by the hateful and violent ……… those who seek raw power for its own ends by any means necessary.

The much needed and highly legitimate fight to draw attention to family abuse has been undermined by the manipulation of statistics, the funding of research with an agenda controlled by women, the embracing of false allegations in pursuit of control, the elimination of perjury as a crime in family violence settings and the (misandrist) rhetoric behind the term “violence against women and ‘their’ children”.

……….. the real agenda is not a fair and equal distribution of power in gender politics, but rather a lust to overcome any objection to women getting whatever they want.

Many aware women who call themselves feminists are now starting to question the hate and violence being done in their name.”

Lest We Forget the profound decency of men.

Geoff Fox, December 31, 2019, Terra Nullius.

PS: I first came to the word Plegminism by my own imagination but acknowledge prior publication on the blog:

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