Lies In Australia Rollcall #1 Fully Welcoming Refugees At A Cathedral

Dear Archbishop Freier,

St Paul’s Cathedral is one of my favourite sacred places in Melbourne.

But there is a partisan political statement on the front of the cathedral which isn’t a fully lived truth. It offends and hurts me.

This massive poster advocates fully welcoming refugees.

Only God can fully welcome anyone anywhere.

You yourself have acknowledged to me personally that I am a refugee from Australia in Australia.

That means a lot to me.

Yesterday, a wonderful young priest, who is currently regenerating what an Anglican service can be in the cathedral, did fully welcome me at the cathedral, but the number one guy in her mostly male hierarchy advised her to stop fully welcoming a member of the public like me. And she decided to follow his advice. I was personally hurt and to deal with that I am writing this letter.

She was living and breathing what I consider the glorious metaphor of the story of Jesus. This story taught and teaches humanity that God is family and we must follow family. That is very impressive Christian discipleship.

Archbishop, perhaps it’s time for the Dean to take down the banner at the cathedral which seems to me to make a promise that you and your people cannot keep.

If that can’t be done in a hurry, can you give me half an hour of your time to look more fully at my ideas?

I’d call that living in The Word.

Do have 30 minutes to spare to live like that with me?

Geoff Fox, Mens Rights Dissident, Australia

June 29, 2022


Mel was working as a Registered Nurse in the police state of Victoria until dictatorial government tried to use vaccine mandates in an attempt to compel her to take a medication she did not trust or lose her job.

The tyrants didn’t scare her. In three decades as a midwife I met few women with as much glorious strength, courage and determination as Mel. (Praticing Midwifery involved constant contact with lots of wonderful strong women.)

Mel chose to stand up for what I believe should almost always be a sacred and inviolable principle in health care – the right to give informed consent and never be compelled to have any health treatment.

Mel is a hero for opposing evil governments and standing up for what is right .

Freedom truth and courage always beat tyranny.

And Mel looks unbeatable to me.

Daniel Michael Andrews, there are some people in this state who want the laws to be changed retrospectively so that capital punishment can be reintroduced just for you. I wouldn’t go quite that far in my own desire to see you brought to justice. But I share their passion to see the end of your vicious, evil government.

Its time for you to be a real man for a change, ‘fess up and get out of the way of freedom and decency in Victoria.

God Bless Freedom And All The Freedom Fighters

Geoff Fox (former midwife turned dissident freedom fighter)

25th June, 2022, Terra Nullius

I Can’t Give Love To Police State S–t

George Orwell was born on this day in 1903.

He is famous for his dystopian fictional writing about how people are in “a state of continual warfare” with evil government that uses Thought Police against their own people.

I have been at war and therefore in constant personal turmoil with the police state of Victoria when their Thought Police arrested me in the winter of 2016 and took me through psychological hell that year in a family violence court as a result of lobbying an Australian Labor Party politician for environmentalist WW2 commemoration.

One well intentioned old guy upset me and triggered anger in me by something he said. I will call him DS here, because I see much that is wonderful in him and Deeply Spiritual and because only a few seconds of listening to his beautiful very intellectual voice will tell you that he is a Debonaire Sophisticate. But when he tried to tell me something along the lines that what I suffer now is my own fault because I am not and was not giving out enough love, I got upset.

The only honest response I can make now is still: BULLSHIT !

Police state crap becomes entrenched when people in countries like Australia do not emphatically and unreservedly oppose it.

It cannot be loved.

Any pretense of any such love would be a lie.

As George Orwell wrote: “The relative freedom which we enjoy depends on public opinion. The law is no protection. Governments make laws, but whether they are carried out, and how the police behave, depends on the general temper in the country. If large numbers of people are interested in freedom of speech, there will be freedom of speech, even if the law forbids it; if public opinion is sluggish, inconvenient minorities will be persecuted, even if laws exist to protect them.”

God Bless George Orwell.

God Bless Freedom.

And may the Great And Powerful God, who my personal faith tells me judges over all, may that God ultimately send vicious criminals like Daniel Michael Andrews and Shane Andrew Patton to the hell they deserve for all of their very real crimes.

Geoff Fox, 25th June, 2022, Down Under

Is This A Priori Research – The Orange One

BT is an intelligent, beautiful, charming student doing anthropology research at the university where I studied classical Latin, philosophy and English language and literature a long time ago.

In a one and a half hour interview for BT’s qualitative research project on Melbourne’s freedom movement, I detected an a priori trend in her/his/its/your/our/their thinking.

I expressed concern to BT as best I could that I was uncomfortable that there might be what I considered a priori conclusions about me which I considered ageist racist or sexist in the research conclusions and requested permission for that opinion, if I held it when I read it, to be printed in the final project.

That request was never discussed with me.

BT told me that she/he/it/we/you/they could not work with me.

I believe that inclusion is always better than exclusion if what we are all doing is working for the common good.

But that is an old fashioned belief of a now redundant male midwife living in poverty in what BT seems to agree is a police state.

In the fight for freedom and truth, we should be on the same side.

As far as I can tell.

Geoff Fox, 24th June, 2022, Down Under in Melbourne

P.S. at the time of writing I do not know what BT’s preferred pronouns are, just that BT told me that he/she/it/we/you/they does not identify as a woman.


This week champion Australian Rules Football player Jordan De Goey cannot practice his profession because of merciless bullying by people who cannot handle youthful public displays of consensual heterosexuality.

Initially Jordy called the media reactions persecution. Maybe that was slightly too strong a word. An over reaction to an over reaction.

New York born Hungarian artist Roza Ganser says: “Its a silly, sad travesty to over react when two young people are just having fun. Stop bullying Jordan De Goey.”

I agree.

The only person being blamed AND SHAMED for allegedly degrading all women here is Jordan De Goey.

He is in the footage which shows consensual liberated flirting in a night club.

Beautiful Remy Jackson is also in the footage.

As far as I know, neither of them published the footage.

Neither of them is constantly republishing it.

What is wrong with Western societies when they demonise the heterosexuality, spirituality and patriotism of their own men?

Geoff Fox, 23rd June, 2022, Terra Nullius

A Half-Naked Queen Victoria As A Symbol Of Political And Spiritual Progress

The 22nd of June, 209 A.D., is considered the most likely date for the martyrdom of St Alban. The miracles surrounding his execution drew some of his Roman executioners to Christianity.

In 2022, the democracy beloved of Walt Whitman is under constant threat from various ideologies inimical to any social order based on civilised humanity and the freedoms humans need.

In opposition to those trends, I offer as a symbol of what we really need, the very real female beauty of the young Queen Victoria, as depicted as a symbol of progress over a hundred years ago in a statue in Queen Victoria Gardens, Melbourne. This statue makes me think that those values may have done better closer to the Victorian era than they are doing now in Melbourne, Australia and most of the Western world.

Demokrasi, Ma Femme, I hope you rise again. Martyrdom as Baptism in this world.

I am a man who loves to see beautiful women and democracy and freedom.

God put those loves in me.

Praise The Lord.

Geoff Fox, 22nd June, 2022, Down Under

Aussie Freedom Fighters #5 Jordan De Goey

Jordan De Goey, I salute you as a freedom fighter.

In your stand against relentless public persecution of athletes by the media you are practising freedom of speech. When you talk about unfair media reporting, you are right to warn that “This will end in tragedy if no one speaks up.” (Nine people die of suicide every day in Australia and 75% of them are male. It is an issue that does need to be addressed. Public bullying like what is happening to you might not be a danger to your life because you have a good support group, but not everyone is as well supported as you are.)

You have shown great courage in speaking up when many people are criticizing you for being a young adult human being.

I met you at a Christian charity dinner earlier this month. I told you how I had succeeded in making former Collingwood defender Jack Frost a symbol of freedom in Indonesia, through a photo of mine of Frosty wearing his number 45. In Indonesia this number is strongly associated with 1945, the year when fascist freedom was defeated by Australia and Australia’s allies and when Indonesia proclaimed national independence after centuries of colonialism. I urged Jack to hang on to that number and when Jack went to play for Brisbane he still wore number 45.

I told you at the dinner that, if I got the chance, I would like to help you become a great symbol of both freedom and discipline. As I recall you really liked that idea.

This previous weekend’s events in Bali, Indonesia, and the strength you have shown in speaking up against persecution convince me that I was right. The pile-on of people criticising you for being publicly exposed as a human being is a gutless mob. You are the one showing honesty and courage.

May I take photos of you in footy action in your footy gear to make that dream of mine of making you a symbol of discipline and freedom come true?

The Christian group at that dinner have tried to shut down my attempts to talk with Collingwood people like you. They might not care about the importance of free speech like I do.

If that’s the case, so be it.

I’m with you, Jordy.

Geoff Fox, 11 a.m., 20th June, 2022, Melbourne, Down Under

PS Remy Jackson (pictured below) who was in the controversial footage of De Goey has rejected the over-reaction.

Women For Freedom #7 Brooke Brooks No Fear

The Melbourne freedom movement cannot be defeated. It might lose many battles but there are too many good, beautiful people, like Brooke, standing up against the stupidity of modern tyrannies, for those on the side of freedom to be defeated.

Eventually, mindless, inhuman government always implodes upon itself and dies.

As John Keats wrote “Beauty is truthtruth beauty,—that is all ye know on earth, and all ye need to know.”

And the truth will set us free.

Geoff Fox, 13 June, 2022, Down Under

Women For Freedom #6 Emma La Chanteuse

Today at the freedom march in Melbourne, beautiful Emma’s presence and energy sang to me and I wrote these words:

A Freedom Song For Emma?

Channelling Marilyn in the spirit of JFK.

Daniel‘s creeps imprisoned us.

Lets hit back hard today.

They had no right to shit on us.

It’s time to make HIM pay.

Geoff Fox, 11 June, 2022, Down Under