Coronavirus Questions In The Australian Labor Party’s Maribyrnong

Maribyrnong Mayor, Cr Carter, stresses “how important it is to practice social distancing – this is the most effective way to minimise the spread of this virus.”

Here is film of how teams of people “working” this week  to decontaminate public surfaces in the Maribyrnong shopping precinct were “social distancing”:

I wan to know:

A. Why are teams of 5-10 people who are employed to reduce the spread of Coronavirus violating “social distancing” rules over and over again in Maribyrning as they walk along the streets?

B. Who employs them? Is it the council?

C. Why dont they split into two groups and walk down each side of the street so that they could get more “work” done quicker and keep further apart more easily?

They dont keep one and a half metres away from each other and make it impossible for other people to use the footpaths legally. Is this a deliberate policy from Maribyrnong City Council to keep customers away from businesses which are in danger of going out of busines because of nanny state fear of freedom and fear of death?

The broad thrust of Coronavirus policy from the Scoialist Left leadership of Victoria seems to me to be to make certain that we get a new Great Depression so that the private sector will be ruined and the government will control everything.

Are They All Evil Or Just Plain Morons?

Is Maribyrnong City Council doing anything to moderate the stupidity of the over reactions in the name of a “safety”, which it is impossible to acheive, in order to save the economy on which people’s lives depend?

What I have just practisd above is freedom of speech.

Maribyrnong should try it sometime. They might learn something.

My father faced Japanese bullets for western freedoms on the beach at Balikpapan almost 75 years ago.

I will practice freedom of speech till the day I die.

Maribyrnong, you make me sick. (Specifically PTSD)

Geoff Fox, Maribyrnong, Terra Nullius


davy brown
John Wayne and Hank Williams, Jr. share their birthday, 28th April, with “Shelly‘s” grandfather, an old style American who hunted his own meat when JFK and Lyndon Johnson were changing his world.

In contemplating who her grandpa was, Shelly, of modern San Diego, finds hope now.

That’s true conservatism – seeing what is and what has been to find what works and hold on to what is good.

“My grandfather was born in 1899. That means he was my age when the Great Depression hit. He became a Hollywood extra because it paid better than a lot of jobs in those days. He also hunted his own meat, a hobby he kept up well into his 70’s. What would he have thought of the shutdown? Given that he was a small business owner himself he probably wouldn’t have liked it. Unions were a lot stronger in his day and he had few enough employees that a strike would completely break him so he made his employees a deal. He would pay them higher wages than what the union was negotiating for on the condition that they sign a contract promising not to unionize. He didn’t like unions but he was smart enough to see that low wages just fed the communists’ propaganda about the working man being exploited.

My grandfather loved Archie Bunker. My mom could remember him yelling at the TV “You tell ’em Archie! Show those commie pinkos what’s what!”. I have no doubt that if my grandfather were alive today he would be labelled a racist, a sexist, a homophobe, a transphobe, a Marxophobe, and God knows what else. Like Archie Bunker my grandpa was painfully politically incorrect by today’s standards. Unlike Archie Bunker he wasn’t trying to be funny. For instance, he went to his grave believing Liberace to be straight. His “logic” was that he liked Liberace’s music and he could never like music written by a “degenerate homosexual” therefore Liberace must be straight, all evidence to the contrary, and the sequins were just one big publicity stunt. He thought the episode where Archie thinks his dance moves will improve after getting a blood transfusion from a black man made perfect sense. He was trolling people before the term “trolling” was invented. He would say stuff like “I remember what this country was like before women got the vote and it was all downhill from there.” But I don’t think he actually supported repealing the 19th Amendment because after my grandma started yelling at him he would just shrug and say, “Throw out the bait and the fish rise every time”. On the occasions when he didn’t want to listen to my grandma he would just switch off his hearing aid, without which he was as deaf as a post. I can’t say theirs was a marriage made in Heaven but divorce was unthinkable back then and my grandma was far from the meek and downtrodden “little woman”, having served as a Women’s Air Service Pilot in WWII. If he were alive today I’m pretty sure my grandpa would have voted for Trump although he would probably have disapproved of Trump’s womanizing.

In fact the only Republican politician my grandfather would NOT have liked would have been former VP Dick Cheney not because of his policies but because of the incident where he shot his friend in the face while quail hunting. There were rumors that he’d been drinking and my grandpa couldn’t stand hunters who drank while carrying a loaded weapon. He felt they gave the rest of the hunting community a bad name. He himself was a heavy drinker yet always abstained during the hunt. My grandpa also bred hunting dogs for a living. He had no college degree yet he knew his pedigrees. Back then dog breeders took pride in producing a healthy animal. My grandpa fed his dogs before he fed himself because a good hunting dog was very valuable. He would have been appalled to see the “puppy mills” of today churn out inbred dogs with hip dysplasia and other deformities. And if 2 polar opposites like my grandpa and modern progressives could find common ground maybe we need to start looking beyond our differences and finding what we do agree on. Maybe there is hope for America after all. ”

27th May, 2020

Dr Lord on Why Greta Thunberg is no Joan Of Arc


The 23rd of May is the 590th anniversary of the capture by the English of Joan of Arc.

Iconoclast Physician of the Brain, “Dr Lord” of Melbourne, writes this about the chances of finding a new Joan Of Arc in the modern world:

“Joan of Arc was a fascinating & amazing girl/woman.

She didn’t just talk about fighting: she fought. She did that for her nation even though the French didn’t deserve her and kept refusing her help.

She made a King out of Charles despite him being a whimp.

She beat the poms at their own game and eventually won over the loyalty of her own country – nothing any bloke had done.

You could not hope to see anyone like Joan of Arc today.


Greta Thunberg would appear to be her antithesis.

There are some similarities in age, gender, passion and challengers, but there the likeness ends.

JA was not viewed as a prophet or saint in her own era – that happened centuries after she died.

GT is already called a prophet in a secular age devoid of miracles but hasnt proved it.

JA was not considered worth listening to, yet predicted what did happen.

GT said what most people already knew and has talked about doing something; she praises action.

JA took action; she fought. She turned around a war.

JA was patient. GT is not. JA led by example.  GT sticks out by example.
GT is said to do & say what her parents wanted.

JA’s family didnt support her & tried to talk her out of it.

GT is wealthy; JA endured poverty and respected the poor.

GT praises the warrior; JA was the warrior.

JA had some secret inner unity and external utility.

GT is the modern phenomenon of film clip based celebrity.”

23rd May, 2020, Terra Nullius


“Shelly” of San Diego writes:

“The virus and the shutdowns have hurt the American economy but the weaknesses were already there:


A. high national debt
B. over-reliance on imported goods,
C. bipartisan cronyism and corruption,

D. an overpriced medical system, etc.


If the virus hadn’t come along, some other external shock would have.


America, like ancient Rome, will be destroyed from within long before the actual enemy invasions begin.


I believe the dissolution of America is inevitable.


Pax Americana will end soon, if it hasn’t already.


The coronavirus reaching U.S. shores was like striking a match in a room packed with gunpowder.


Under most circumstances the amount of damage one spark could do would be limited but these are not normal circumstances.


“How can we turn back time and not strike that match?” is not the right question.


What we need to ask is:


“How did all this gunpowder get to be in the smoking room?”


– Shelly”


From Australia, I pray America can save herself.

Her freedom of speech gives her a chance.

Australia is not so lucky.

Down here  people just cannot identify problems clearly.

Geoff Fox, 20th May, 2020, Terra Nullius

The Second Great Depression – Has It Started Yet?

mig mum

When I look at the Dow Jones graph from 1929 I see a rapid fall from around 350 to 200. Looking at the 2020 graph i see a rapid fall from 29,000 to below 19,000. Both falls took place over about a month.

The modern fall is the result of quarantining most of the healthy population.

Will the modern obsession with impossible safety destroy the modern world?

Pope John Paul The Second was born 100 years ago today.

According to him: “A democracy without values easily turns into open or thinly disguised totalitarianism ………… Do not be afraid when love requires sacrifice.”

Geoff Fox, 18th May, 2020, Down Under

The Socialist Left King – Premier DAN ANDREWS

The micro-movie in the above link is a comedy. Will anybody laugh or is leftist stupidity already boring?

Jim Cousens has been struggling for work as Santa Claus in recent years because the shopping centres have preferred to have good looking young women as Father Christmas nowadays.

Gender confusion is the new black.

And now Premier Daniel Andrews in Australia’s Deeply Leftist Deep South has made it even worse with one of the most draconian sets of Coronavirus laws in the world.

Geoff Fox, 15th May, 2020, Terra Nullius